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Hi everyone, been a pack a day smoker more or less since leaving school at 15 and im 28 now, as with most people I started young without fully knowing what I was doing or what I was in for.  I've tried to stop smoking a few times over the years but allways found a way or reason to go back to them, I personally feel the only way I will beat this addiction/habbit is to go cold turkey as I'm a bit of a all or nothing kind of person, the longest time I've successfully been smoke free in that time has been 3 weeks but unfortunately after a few drinks I was back to square one. over the last while I have made more and more attempts to stop smoking and in reality I know it's something I truly desire for many beneficial reasons, I have just put out my last ciggie and can only hope this is the start of a better more healthier life that I long for, I have just signed up to this website for some support many thanks.  

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  • Hi nohassel well done for stopping smoking!! you will get loads of support on here and the advice people gives helps no end cause it can get tough at times quitting.anyway good luck😆

  • Hi Joe2, thanks very much! Gonna be a challenge but I'm ready for it, will keep you updated :)

  • Well done on your decision to quit. Yes it's a tough journey but it is possible and worth the few weeks of being uncomfortable.  First few days are the worst so drink lots of water, chew gum or whatever helps and read as much as you can about quitting.  Look forward to hearing how your doing

  • Thanks for the advice abuelajennie, yeah it's going to be interesting, I just hope that with my past quit  experiences and the help of this website are enough to get me through this time and more importantly stay smoke free! Will keep you updated many thanks :)

  • Huge Welcome Nohassel and well done on making the best decision of your life to quit.   Hope Day 1 has gone well for you!  

    You appear to be in a great mindset and know what you have to do especially out socialising.   I would recommend (if not already done so) reading the pinned posts over on the right hand side of the page, they may be helpful to you...

    Wishing you success and strength and looking forward to reading your progress!

    PS  I too quit cold turkey almost 7 months ago and never looked back...

  • Hi RoisinO1..... thanks very much for the welcome! :) it's so nice to see how supportive and welcoming people are to hear that you've started your no smoking journey! It fills me with confidence for the road ahead :) I know from past quit experiences that most of us can stop smoking, but staying smokefree is the ultimate challenge/goal , will keep you updated on my  progress many thanks and well done nearly seven months quit that is truly amazing and it gives us all hope :) :)

  • Good luck Nohassel! First few days are tough but if you can get through them it becomes much easier

  • Thanks fordyp... I feel good about this quit attempt especially with all the help from people on here really think it will help when times get hard :) 

  • Nohassel..Welcome and congratulations on a very wise decision..(wish I stopped at your age)....You have landed on a very nice and supportive forum and we all know what determination and fighting is necessary  to win this fight...Stay strong and post often !!!!

  • Thanks hercu very good words, yeah this forum is a first for me but honestly think it could be a great helper for those rough times ahead, again it's so nice to see there's so much help and support out there really boosts your confidence I think and gives you a much better outlook chow for now :)

  • Smoked for over 30 years, quit 200 days ago.  Used the patch for a two months. 21mg for three weeks, 14mg for three weeks, started 7mg but never used them all.  Still have carvings but not  near as intense or 10000000 times a day.  I have put on a few pounds (15-20), but don't care cause I'm not smoking.  I've finally broke the mouth-hand candy habit. Used cinnimon favored toothpicks  for awhile -  I'm now free of those too.  I love beer but you have stay away from alcohol until your ready for that test.  Just stay smoke free - every day is a challenge - and as each day passes - your get stronger to evade smoking.  I'm at the point can smell a cig from a mile away and the smell is terrible!! 

  • Hey USNx that's great to hear you must be well chuffed with yourself! I know that I'm only at the start of my quitting journey but I soon to hope to be where you are hehe ;) 

  • Hey USNx, Well Done on 200 days smoke free, that is amazing!   You should be very proud of yourself as reading above you have worked very hard but it has paid off, good for you and keep it up....

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