Testing times!!

Testing times!!

Hi all, I hope this finds you well...

Well, thirty odd days into my quit and so far it's all good, I haven't smoked! I did however have a very realistic dream about smoking last night as I cat napped next to my little boy who has broken his collarbone scootering! He's got mild concussion too and a very bruised face and ear.

As I sat in accident and emergency last night, I was amazed at myself not keening for a cigarette or my e cig!!! I watched people tag team smoking and leaving their kids with STRANGERS to go for a fag, and I will admit, it was a small comfort inside the horrible sick feeling about my little one.. I felt smug this morning when I realised I didn't actually smoke and my fag was in a dream!!

I was almost completely alone last night. My sons father and family are extremely hostile towards me, my son goes to see them but it is not ideal and he did not want me to contact his dad... very sad really..

I looked around, and I really really felt so glad that I stopped smoking. For my son. For me. For our future. The truth as well is that without this place, I would have fallen down, I'm sure of it. Thank you everyone, you've helped so much ❀️

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  • the poor lad,

    must be so heartbreaking to see him hurt.

    I hope he feels better today,that it doesn't hurt as much

    take care of yourself 😁

    and extra special care for your boy ,😁

    and EXCELLENT You Didn't SMOKE 😁

  • You're such a beautiful lady, thank you. My dream was so real!! 😳😊😍

  • Ah Jo, what a powerful strong post to share with us, congratulations and well done on overcoming a very dramatic ordeal smoke free. Your son is just adorable, wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

    You are also showing tremendous determination and showing there is no going back now, you are in it for the long haul, no offence to the great lads here, but have to say, us ladies are just rocking it :D

    (I also changed the privacy setting on your post for members only in this community can see it due to the personal photo of your son, was set that anyone on the internet could see it)

  • PS think below is worth a listen! jobm1 Thinlizzy54

  • Thank you, I hadn't thought about that!!! See, you're so lovely, such an amazing lady ❀️

  • And, hahahahahaha the ladies HAVE IT!! 😝😊

  • Go girls 😁

    we certainly got something special here 😁

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I just cried a little bit. Because you've made a place here, that is so supportive, so very encouraging and you are always there for everyone. Thank you from the heart Roisin ☺️

  • Not at all Jo, you are very welcome, thats what the community aims and is down to each and everyone of us here :)

  • I just listened and YES!!! 😍

  • Great start to the weekend 😁

    you take care 😊

  • were all Sisters,virtual sisters,😁

    I loved the clips,Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox make a great duo 😁

    thanks for the smiles,especially now its the weekend 😁

    take care keep kicking 😁

  • 😁😁😁d

    dont cry,unless tears of joy 😁

  • Hello.

    Sorry to hear the news about your son. Broken collarbone - now that has got to hurt.

    Well done for not caving in especially under such a great deal of stress and worry. Isn't it amazing how when you stop smoking you seem to notice how many others do?

    Stick with it. If you can get through all of this without smoking, then you can get through any other situations that may arise.

    Well done! You've earned the right to feel smug! 😎

  • Thank you so much. Aw my little one is feeling woozy, sore and bored already!! We spend so much time outside it drives him nuts to be inside! :)

    Yes about the seeing smokers! I felt a bit shocked that one lady asked me to keep an eye on her son while she went for a cigarette. Even when I smoked I wouldn't ever have done that. It's a great reminder of the power of the habit! I know I may fall down, I'm not deluded enough to think I'm a perfect quitter but right now, yep, all happy that I stayed strong x

    Bless your lovely heart, and again, well done and thank you 😊x

  • You've done very well not to cave in with the stress there Jo! I broke a 6 month quit once when my son ended up in hospital and I couldn't stand the waiting around.

    I'm used to him being in hospital now. He's one of those kids - broke his arm three times at school, had to be taken to A&E to remove stones that he had put in his ear (of course!)

    They're a worry, that's for sure. Hope your lad makes a quick recovery. He'll get plenty of kudos at school when he returns anyway. Blokes respect daredevils in plaster...and all the girls will fancy him!

  • Aw thank you Nozmo... and wow! I admire you getting back up and on with quitting. The dream was VERY real and my friend came when we were leaving and she was smoking.. I didn't.

    Wow!!!! Three times!!! That is a record! And, I can't deny, I put stones in my ear... 😳 good job your son has a patient papa!

    My little one will definitely milk this story! At school and the skate park, he'll love it!

    Again thanks for support and inspiration to carry on. ☺️

  • You put stones in your ear too?? Feel like I missed out on something in my childhood now!

  • my daughter had put a lot of tissue paper in her ears on plane.never took it out 2-3 days later in agony,in Lanzaroti had to go to A E,what fun πŸ˜’

    things kids do 😁

  • Oh my word!!!!!! 😳

  • Pahahahahahaha oh I'm special πŸ˜‚

  • Huge well done on getting through without caving, Jo.

    Hope your little guy is feeling a bit better today, that has got to hurt!

    Just listened to Roisin's post and 'sister, you're doing it for yourself' !

  • Thank you very much lovely 😊 I just listened too and YES!! I'm feeling that much better after spilling it all out here, thank goodness Roisin made it private too!! There's some stuff you just can't share isn't there?

    You're all the very best people to be amongst when quitting, who knew x :)

  • Jo... Being a dad of 3 boys I want to say boys will be boys...Uncountable collarbones, ankles, arms..Cuts and bruises.. One cut on my youngest needed 74 stitches..Diving in a farm dam and piece of steel plating almost cutted his chest open (He was 10 at that stage)..But they survived and became BIG boys..Yours will also respect and adore his mother for this good care...

    Well done one keeping your cool ...Just shows Jo is stronger than nicotine..Raising your son in your circumstances takes guts Jo..I take my hat of...!!

  • Hercu, I had to suck the air in through my teeth when I read about the 74 stitches!!! Crikey!! That must have been extremely scary for all!! Sounds like you've the patience of a saint, and three very tough men :)

    I feel extremely blessed and lucky that last night wasn't more serious, unfortunately I've had a lot of abuse from the other side for choosing to keep my boy home (I might add he requested that too, it's very sad) but you know, still no cigarette and it felt so empowering Hercu not to even want one last night... empowered and a bit odd!! Been my go to for so long as I'm sure most here feel the same!!

    You're a lovely person, thank you and well done getting those boys to their manhood, and staying off the cigs!!! :) and thank you, for being so so kind :)

  • Jo..You are in it to win it...!!! IT is so nice not to rely on a cigarette to stay yourself..Well done !!

    Thank you for kind words.....

  • It really is Hercu... have a lovely weekend :)

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