3 months quit

Well here I am 3 month smoke free, and feeling pretty good about it all. I am extremely pleased with my progress, At times I feel like I'm getting nowhere and then I reach these milestones ( nothing to some people but mountains to some-one on their quit for life Journey ). Im feeling fresh, clean and really positive about the new no smoking me ! Im looking at Cigarettes in a new light, I see them as a " negative", I look at them as though they are evil little white sticks that are soooo addictive, I have resigned myself to the the fact that one little fag is such an evil thing, and there is no such thing for me. I see them as addictive as any other drug- cocaine etc and just one gets you hooked for life! So my head is in the right place. So ever so slowly I am getting further along my journey and confident I can beat

Anyway good luck to You all stay strong. NOPE

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  • Jean...Lovely positive post and surely that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming..Very true the addiction is as strong as heroin, cocaine etc, the only difference is that heroin junkies get to be taken into cessation institutes and we Nicotine junkies has to do it all alone...Luckily we have found each other....! Huge congrats on your 3 months...!!

  • Congratulations on 3 months! That is a HUGE milestone and I hope you will be celebrating and/or rewarding yourself for a job well done. It certainly sounds like your head is in the right place - I so love it when people see the light and see cigarettes for what they really are instead of what we perceived them to be for so long.

  • Congrats on your 3 months, 3/4 of the way to a full year and a big milestone.

    You sound in the right place and you are seeing smoking for the illusion that it is :)

  • Congratulations and well done on reaching another goal. For newbies like myself (again) it is great encouragement reading other people's success stories.

  • Congratulations on reaching three months Jean. You have done brilliantly.

  • Jean, that is really fantastic! I am right behind you with just 9 or 10 days to make the 3 month mark. Congratulations - enjoy the moment

  • Ah Jean, what a great post. 3 Months is a huge milestone to achieve and deserves to be celebrated along with the e-cig gone too. Well done, your positive attitude from the very start of your quit has most definitely got you here today! Enjoy your new found freedom and keep up the great work!

  • Congratulations!🎉 3 months!!!! You are well on your way to a smoke free future with your positive attitude ❤️

  • What a wonderful post, three months is quite amazing,

    A huge well done

  • You're very modest Tracey3 , you also reached your 3 month milestone this week and never batted an eyelid to it, you should have your little black book at the page 'Well done me with all I have been through, I should shout this from the roof tops!'

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