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Having a little wobble!!

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free
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Hi all, hope this finds you well...

I've just come here to remind myself why I'm quitting smoking and how hard it is!!! I've never used the e cig so much as today!

Feeling very cross and a bit weak! It never goes very far away that thought of a cigarette. I keep thinking it's very surreal because of the amount of time I smoked I think maybe... like it's a dream that I'm now a non smoker 😳

It's likely that being housebound hasn't helped and the boy and I went out today for a bit. He's off at his grandmas for a short while and I think that too is not helping...


Ok, that's better, thanks 😊

24 Replies
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mushenValued Contributor


You're not weak, you're addicted, there is a massive difference. You will get days when all you think about is smoking. Sometimes, I feel like a smoker who doesn't not smoke. Husband was having a fag in the garden just now and, just for a moment, the thought crossed my mind. I loved standing in the garden after work, smoking......

The good news is that days like today, will happen less and less. Keep puffing away on your e-cig. This is hard, really bloody hard especially when smoking was such a massive part of your life. Do not cave in, if you do, you are going to have to quit again and do this again and it will be even less fun than it is now.

Keep going! πŸ™„

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to mushen

Sending a massive thank you!! Huge. Ginormous.... πŸ™ƒπŸ’ͺ🏻 I'm going to kick the poo out of a cushion πŸ˜‚ x

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mushenValued Contributor in reply to jobm1

Sounds like a plan to me!! 😁

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to mushen


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Dp3381 Year Smoke Free in reply to jobm1

Just look at the top by your name 30 days that's nailing it you winning . the habit of smoking is in every thing you have done over the life of addiction to cigarettes Stay bizzy read all you can on internet about all the health problems and stuff that goes with smoking Your looks for one and your dog likes you more you don't smell

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Dp338

Thank you so much, a lovely last thought for the day :)

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NozmoValued Contributor

Hope you gave that cushion a good kicking? I can thoroughly recommend violence against soft furnishings for getting some of the frustration out.

Like mushen I've been having "thoughts" today. Summer has finally arrived so I've been in the garden, cutting down hedges, pulling out weeds...doing all the things that I used to have a cigarette after doing! Luckily I don't have a smoking husband (or indeed a husband) to make things worse.

Good rant Jo...keep it up.

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Nozmo, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I did indeed... did I mention at all that I've cleaned all my cupboards and walls in the kitchen? And behind the cooker and the fridge and the living room and and... πŸ˜‚

How long ago did you guys quit? (I don't know how to do the thing where you can sort of tag someone). I know you've said but I forget.

Well done for NOT smoking! Not going back... imagine your husband helping you with the weeds... 😁

Thanks a lot fella..

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to jobm1

You'll just have to mess up the house so you can clean it all up again :-)

I quit Jan 3rd 2016 but I'd tried a few times previously.

When did you start mushen ?

You can tag somebody by placing @ before their username. If you type @ then start typing their name it should appear in a blue box and you then click on that to tag them.

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Ah the boy and the cat/dog/ferret will do that for me!!

Well done!!!! That's amazing :)

Thanks for the info about tagging. I'm a technophobe...

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hi jobm1

he will be back home soon 😁

you a strong,stronger than you think 😁

you can do this,you can win 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

Huge huge huge thanks Karen 😊 you're such an amazing support

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Hidden in reply to jobm1

seems funny seeing my name 😁

its all ok 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁

and batter those cushions 😁

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

I've said every swear word I know, twice while I kicked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Hidden in reply to jobm1

do you know πŸ˜’

the other day I was with grandson,waiting for bus,

the bus came and went straight past us,so I imeadeatly gave the fingers and shouted F n. Head (2 or 3 times )

he even flashed his hazard lights.I turned around to see my 3year old grandson giving the finger and shouted F. head

omg I was laughing,but how bad am I 😁

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

I just laughed and laughed!!! My boy can ummmmm, well he's swear aware!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Snide bus driver!!

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Hidden in reply to jobm1

I couldn't believe it 😁

but I couldn't stop laughing πŸ˜†

I told his mum and she laughed,

he was so funny,his little face,why didn't the bus stop for me πŸ˜’

I don't know,😁

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

It's hilarious πŸ˜‚

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Hidden in reply to jobm1


I know,glad it made you smile 😁

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Hey jobm1 , these little wobbles are perfectly normal and unfortunately you are going to have quite a few of them that just happen out of the blue and when least expected for perhaps the first year of your journey but less frequent as time goes by..........

BUT GOOD NEWS, for every time you overcome them, the easier the next one will be and as you are a remarkable strong lady, ya will have no problem overcoming them. I hear ya with the scrubbing and cleaning! For the first 3 months of my quit, I was a raving mad woman, was scrubbing down walls, tiles, grout on sinks, showers, toilets - luckily I hubby just left me to it and to this day still slags me about how OCD I was, but it worked along with this on repeat - even if not into them, ALL of their songs tend to release tension and put ya in good form - need to blare it though!!


@Nozmo Nozmo as rightly pointed out is the way to tag.... With regards how long members are quit, you can tell from the badge beside there names - take it they are over that milestone, for example, you are over 1 month quit - I don't have a badge as admin but over 500 days quit. You can also keep track on the following pinned post:


It is a very large post though!

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Awwww Roisin!!! I was howling laughing at the scrubbing!!! Hahahahaha so so funny.

You are a never ending inspiration... thank you so much. Every time you really put things into perspective and help with what to expect. Thank you 😊

500 days is just fantastic!!! Cold turkey too, now THAT is strong! I was loving the post about your dreams too, you've completely changed your life, and it gives me that much hope. Thanks a million, would love to see you on master chef!

Hope you managed to find a lovely place to visit, and again, thank you 😊

Off to have a listen x

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melf1232 Years Smoke Free

Hi jobm1 - stay strong, you are doing fantastic!

For me it was cleaning. smelly candles, bubble baths - basically anything smelly!!

Punch as many cushions as you feel is necessary and do whatever it takes to get over the cravings... I promise that they do get less and less with time.

All the best, Mel x

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jobm11 Year Smoke Free in reply to melf123

You are the most wonderful lady!!! Thank you! And, WELL DONE!!!! X

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Putter1000 Days Smoke Free

jobm1, your doing really well!!! It's so hard but so worth it in the same breath!!

Keep fighting the fight but don't beat yourself up so much. Be kind to yourself and remember your reasons. Always keep them close.


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