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Vaping ... again

Hey everyone :D

I gave up a few years back (or transfered as some narks like to call it) I was off them for two and a bit years and generally feeling better .. then beer happened. Eugh.

Anyway .. after about another two years smoking .. I woke up and din't want a fag .. and 46 days later I haven't had one!

The vaping is different this time, I have dropped my Niqlvl from 1.8 to 1.2 already and I'm not using it as much as I was last time, there are times when I will puff away like a freak, but it isn't often.

The things I'm worried about it gums, they're bleeding a lot and only since I stopped smoking. I'm also getting a lot of blood red snot/mucus. I didn't get this at all last time.

I also seem to be getting headaches and I didn't get those last time either. And now I'm snoring ... like properly ... I always did, but not as loud or as long as this, and I was told it should improve after quitting .. not get worse!

Anyone else experiencing this, had experience of it ? Ways around it ? Cheers :D

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Hello L3ath3r,

I had bleeding gums for the first couple of months of vaping but then I get it intermittently anyway and have done for about thirty years (they haven't fallen out yet!) Careful if googling the relationship between vaping and bleeding gums as there is some absolute rubbish out there. I came across "facts" on a website for a private London dental practice which was the biggest pile of uninformed c&@p I have ever read.

There are however a lot of articles out there on the subject so it might be worth a look...but tread carefully.

As far as snoring goes, I have sleep apnoea so don't get me started! My wife reports that this hasn't got any better or worse since I quit and that she still wants to kill me when I start.

Not much help I'm afraid so I hope you get some good answers and the gums settle down soon.


Thanks for the reply! Good to know I'm not alone with the gums .. I was kinda freaked out when I first cleaned my teeth a few days later and spat out. But I did wonder if it was the change! The snots I have just been told is my sinuses healing and a perfectly acceptable part of it, so that's cool too. And lol ! Yeah my other half would probably like your wife haha !! But hey ho, we can't help it .. we are asleep after all, even if no one else is !! :D

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No problem, might be worth having a check up the dentist anyway, just to make sure everything is ok.

Forgot to mention...well done for stepping down your nicotine levels so quickly. It took me months!


Yeah I've just made an appointment so will see what they say just to be sure! And thanks ... it's quicker than I thought Iwould do it too .. but I seem to be coping - can always buys ahigher dose if I need to - but for now I'll cost along with what I have :)

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not funny😒

only joking 😁

you gotta laugh or you cry 😁


hi Nozmo i am with your wife.i could happily drop kick my husband every night.NIGHTMARE SNORING

sorry L3ath3r

I had bleeding gums still do.i think its all the oxygen we are getting into our body's.

headaches are a big problem still

sleep is not good is not helped with the big fat snorer at my side 😠take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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I stop breathing whenever I lie on my back when I'm asleep because of the sleep apnoea. I'm sure my wife will make it permanent one day :-)

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ha ha 😊

poor woman.ahe has my sympathy

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We can be snoring buddies Nozmo, from I was a teenager I have been a notorious one, during house parties, the next morning the slagging I would get about how loud I am was a terror :)

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I never would have thought it Roisin...thought it was just blokes who snored!

I didn't start until a few years ago. God knows what brought it on....probably smoking!

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Welcome to our community L3ath3r and well done on over 46 days quit!!

I am 2 days away from 14 months quit cold turkey. I did not experience the bleeding gums but know that smoking can cause gum disease, perhaps a trip to your dentist would help to sort out any gum issues you may have but as Nozmo said, it could be from the vaping too.

With regards the snoring and bloody mucus, I am a notorious snorer and not sure how my hubby has adjusted to it, you may be louder now as your lungs are clearer!! Maybe have a chat with your chemist about the mucus...

Keep us updated on how you are getting on :)


Thank you for your story here. But I am confused why did you start it again. However, vaping is used to be an alternative methods of smoking. Even I know few of them who are vaping as an effective method. And they quit smoking forever. And said never come back again in smoking. I also know about few methods like- vaping, e-cigarettes, e-juice and so on. For more info try the below website can help you to adopt on of the methods

Hope that help!


I know 10 "ex smokers" who vape - over the time since my original quit date (4+ years ago and for 2 years) 6 of us (60%) relapsed and went back to ciggies. All of us got over 2 years off and suddenly found vaping wasn't enough again, two now don't moke or vape and two still vape but are on (almost) 0% nicotine liquids.

I'm not sure why I quit, but one morning I just decided to start again. And now it's 67 days and I'm wondering how and why I gave up giving up! But glad I'm back on the right track!

Thanks for the link, I'll have a look when I get home :D


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