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Hello .... Again


So four months or so ago i quit smoking while using a vape . i made it ten days and then had a wierd kind of dream and woke up with a cigarrette butt in my hand and assumed i smoked and was crushed and that night i decided i was doomed to be a smoker my whole life. I ressigned myself to that fact and tried to move on . but i meed dental work in a bad way and promised my self i wouldn't get any dental work done until i quit smoking last year. So hear i am again i had started a cold turkey quit sunday and made it until monday evening when my mom and i got into an argument (possibly withdrawal related as normally i am a very agreeable person) and i lit up i still want to quit (it tastes awful and costs alot) i think maybe i can do it cold turkey but i feel defeated and i am hoping someone on here has had a similar experience where they felt like they couldnt and did i just , anyway i hope someone understands . love and peace from cashierlady

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cherylpere1 Year Smoke Free

Hi Cashierlady, I haven't been a non-smoker for long - only 1 month, but I am on Champix, and I read the Allen Carr book which I found helped a lot!! Arguments are tough, and I find that when I'm upset or stressed is when I crave, but it does get easier. My advice to you is to not see it as "forever" just look at the next 5 minutes, then the next hour, then the next few hours, just go step by step. This forum has also been an amazing support system to me, even if I don't post and just read what other people have said.

I understand the feeling of being defeated, it happened to me 2 years ago, I stopped for 6 weeks and started again. Try to have a goal in your mind, like your dental work, I find it helps me, I'm on a gym mission and every time I think about a cigarette I immediately change that thought to not reaching my weight goals if I smoke.

Don't be too hard on yourself!! You can do it!!

Hi cherylpere, thank you for the response. I took some time to analyse the situation and decided to go again thuraday night when i will be by myself at work and have things to keep my brain distracted . and take it from there. Im just eh its been a long road but that will make victory much sweeter in the end . 😊

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to cherylpere

Excellent advice and reply there cherylpere :)


Hey Cashierlady - great to hear from you again. Cheryl gave great advice to you.

I know this is a real cliche when people stop smoking but if I can do it, anyone can. I am now approaching 3 years in September and it really has been one of the best and hardest achievements in my life so far.

I stopped cold turkey after waking up in the early hours coughing and not able to get my breath, I was so scared and in the darkness of the night I thought I was going to die so decided there and then I was going to stop before they kill me. I got my husband to hide the 2 boxes of cigarettes I had bought the evening in case I desperately needed them which I really thought I would. I was in a very dark place prior to me stopping and smoked up to 30 to 35 cigs a day, sometimes more. Smoking was my crutch to get me through life stressors, celebrations, holidays, funerals, after various tasks etc..... basically I smoked to function so I knew I had a huge battle on my hands.

I would suggest writing down why you are stopping and pin it at home and at work - I will never forget that night I woke and do not want to experience that ever again. The right mindset that you CAN do it is vital and the belief that you will survive the short term withdrawals but may not survive the long term effects in your body if you continue smoking.

Read up as much as you can here and elsewhere to know what is happening and if struggling at any stage come on here. Below is a post from our Hercu here that I typed up and pinned at work and home which I read almost every day for the first 3 months

"Weeks 3 and 4 was the discovery of my weaknesses. The terrible idea to cope with life and the curve balls on my own. Now I realized that life is a reality and not a false euphoria of happiness where I can light a cigarette and every thing is alright"

Wishing you strength for tomorrow night, remember just takeit hour by hour and day by day, each morning stand in front of a mirror and say "I am not going to smoke today"

Cashierlady in reply to RoisinO1

Ah roison , you always know just what to say. I feel like enough of my people have stopped smoking that i know i can , i just im going to have to take it day by day like yall said. I feel ready like i know i dont want to smoke any more but i also know a lot of obstaclea that i didnt previously, and i think that will. Just in the mean time i have got a lot of fidgety things to keep my brain and hands somewhat distracted

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Cashierlady

Well, how did you get on last night and today Cashierlady ?

KathieO100 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Excellent post. I enjoy reading your stories. Thank you for always being there 😍

Jared01Valued Contributor in reply to RoisinO1

Wow Roisin, great reply, your knowledge and support is outstanding :)

Jwk19621 Year Smoke Free

Well, you're back... that's a good thing. If you feel like smoking.......come on here and type till you don't want to smoke.... 😬🔨

🚭🔠 Jeff

Cashierlady in reply to Jwk1962

That will do it. 😆 i can type a lot youve been forewarned

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