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1 day, 1 hour....


Im going to give up smoking on wednesday. I actually Want to give up for my health now. All previous times have been because I just didnt fany it anymore so naturally cut down and ending up at the point that I decide I might as well give up then.

im going to book a doctors appointment to see about those patches and things.

It will financially be better for me too. I think I habitually smoke through boredom so I need to keep myself occupied.

Reducing my health risk factors. This is probably "the biggy" xx

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Go for it!!! I agree that boredom is a big trigger for me too. I have built up my to do list and when I get the urge I try to check it and start another small project. They only need to be like 5 to 10 minutes and then the urge passes for me

Good luck!!!

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Seahoch

Great idea Seahoch. I wish I had thought of that when I started - would have saved me climbing up the wall as much as I did.

If you can take your mind off the craving the urge passes fairly quickly

Go for a walk if you get an urge. Urges don't last long. Good luck.

grandadPost of the Week

Try not to over think what you are doing, which is extending your life. When I made up my mind I used to tell myself I'll have one in a minute another minute and another and my mind accepted that I was going to have a fag but in a minute. In the end I didn't stop smoking so much as didn't start. I feel to so much better and that was over twenty years ago I still get the feeling that I want a smoke some times so I'll start in a minute or two.

Good luck, just remember you can do it : )

Trasha1000 Days Smoke Free

Ooh, me too. Only a few hours to go now and I feel like I am saying goodbye to a friend who is going to live in Timbucthree. Good luck.



Hows it going.have you took your first steps to a new you.

Hope your well.keep posting.

You can win

Keep kicking

Take care


Hows it going Fatgirlslim and Trasha on Day 1?

Yvette20163 Years Smoke Free

I am new to this forum - I stopped smoking on Sunday ( didn't realise it was no smoking day today ) figured as it was mothers day ( here in uk ) the best thing I could do was be a mother for as long as I can.

I am using a vape but can honestly say I haven't been tempted yet .... sounds too good to be true as I have smoked 20 a day for 30 + years ..

Not going to put too much as very early days for me but this is the longest I have ever gone when trying to give up ... fingers crossed and good luck everyone x

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Yvette2016

Welcome Yvette, well done on Day 4, that is great! Keep it up and look forward to reading your progress....

Hidden in reply to Yvette2016

Hi yevette.

I am vaping.

I did fail.well I had a few hours smoking.i had 2-3 fags and felt no difference to smoking.did not want to finish pack.bined em

Now I'm not looking back.i love saying I not smoking and look forward to saying "I don't smoke"

The best thing we can do to ourselves.

Take our lives back.dont let fags run our lives.

Its not easy.im coughing lots.but I don't miss fags I miss the habit and daily routine.

Keep kicking

Take care

Yvette20163 Years Smoke Free in reply to Hidden

It is the habit....I caught a chest infection last week ..on antibiotics so have me the final motivation to quit...although I think the vaping stops the habit as hands still busy ...keep in touch we will do it together x good luck

Yvette20163 Years Smoke Free

Thanks Roisin , I have booked for my hair colouring on Friday so am spending the money I would have spent on ciggies on that instead ( at least for this week ) ... think an odd treat will keep me going xx

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Yvette2016

Good for you Yvette, treat yourself as often as possible for these early milestones...

Not doing it now. Under too mjch other stress to add something else to the list of fails. Ill do it when time is right x

Yvette20163 Years Smoke Free in reply to FatGirlSlimForHealth

There is never a good time ..come on set another date and join us new ones xx

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to FatGirlSlimForHealth

Its your quit FatGirlSlim, whenever you are ready, keep us updated....

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