3 Weeks Today!!!

Wow, I've made it this far!

Still having intermittent nausea with the morning champix, even with dry toast and water. Why it hits some mornings and not others is beyond me. Last two mornings I couldn't face taking it, so just took the evening dose earlier with a full meal at suppertime. So far so good. I was thinking of a possible dose reduction on week 4 anyway.

Thanks every one for all your encouragement and support, It really helps!

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  • Three weeks is amazing, well done!

  • Well done on reaching 3 weeks smoke free.

    Excellent achievement.

    Keep going! 😊

  • excellent news Taurean!! 3 weeks is great, stay strong 💪 😊 😊

  • Well do taurean that's fantastic, I'm almost 6 weeks and I reduced my dosage around that time also, I went to taking one in the morning to now as past week taking it every other day or even stretching it out until the 3rd day and thankfully it seems to be working 👏👏

  • Welldone you doing great :)

  • Taurean...Yup, it got to me in the same way ...Sometimes worse than other....I also thought to reduce the dose but was so afraid that I rather lived with the nausea than to elapse....!!

    You are doing excellent and soon this experience will be a vague memory...If possible complete the whole 12 weeks course...Strongs !!!

  • Hi Hercu,

    3rd day on reduced dose. No nausea, YEAH! What I have noticed is that the thought of smoking is popping into my head on and off, and it wasn't before, but it passes quickly.

    Not going backwards now.

  • Taurean..;I am glad it work for you...as said I was to afraid and believed that Champix is truly surpressing the craves...There is to many other things to cope with than to battle with craves..Luckily yours passes quickly... No, you will not go backwards..you want this to much...!

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