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3 Weeks Smoke Free!

Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

Hi everyone; I'm so happy I can say I hit the 3 week mark today.

So far it's not been too hard and I attribute that to Champix.

I also started low-carb again this week and so far have lost 7 nasty pounds. Always lose the most the first week ... mostly water weight but I'll take it!!

To say I felt "sober" this week without smoking and over-eating, would be an understatement. But it's okay to feel sober and make a new plan for healthy living that includes exercise and different perks. Yesterday I bought a pair of pants and 2 sweaters for myself as reward hee hee.

Just want to thank you all and this site for the amazing support. Practically every post I read, I'm nodding my head uh huh, uh huh, that's me too.

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dugahole1 Year Smoke Free

Quit4money, you are on fire. 3 weeks and 7 pounds. I certainly could do with losing 7lb x 3 or 4 !!!! I am sure even my bones have put on weight!!! I had a 3 man tent in the shed so I have just sewn a few seams in it and now use it for pants so at least I have comfortable clothing!!! stay strong

Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free
in reply to dugahole

ha ha thanks Dug! You are so funny - tent in your shed for pants Nooooooo!

I gotta admit, not smoking and not over eating did tire me out this week. Last night I went to be at 8:30! Slept like a baby!


Good for you Quit4Money especially on the healthy eating and loosing the pounds so early on in your journey, you mean business :)

Keep up the great work and watch out for below:


Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free
in reply to RoisinO1

Aww thanks so much Roisin and for the link. I re-read the Icky Three post - it's so good to stay mindful of the psychological aspects of this addiction. Have a great weekend :)

in reply to Quit4Money

Your very welcome Quit4Money - you really have a great mindset and attitude that will stand to you in the success of your smoke free journey :)

2217100 Days Smoke Free

So pleased all is going well. We are virtually at the same point and coincidentally both taking Champix. It certainly is helping but have had quite a few moments today when I needed to do some extra breathing and clear my head. Well done in treating yourself you deserve it. Can’t believe I haven’t even opened my purse in a couple of weeks. Normally I would be at the cash machine every other day to enable me to buy another couple of packets. I just love the FREEDOM! Keep posting.

Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free
in reply to 2217

Thanks 2217 ! Awesome we quit at same time. We will kick this nasty habit to the curb.

I know, saving the money we used to spend is magnificent.

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