No Smoking Day
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So close today

Out with a friend ( who I may say has never smoked and doesn't know I smoked). As I left her at the top of my street, the corner shop was calling, a brief moment came across my mind to buy a packet, and just have one.

The urge was increasing as I opened my little front door, the urge is without doubt still there, but holding tight for now, I'm sat in the little naughty corner telling my self this will pass, I be learned from previous failed quits, this is the difference, so early night for me

tomorrow will be better

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Had the same urge when I went to my local corner shop earlier,if my little girl wasn't with me telling me that she's glad mummy doesn't smoke now,I don't know if I would have found it so easy to resist.🙂


Keep strong Tracey3 and please find a different way home, instead of passing that damn corner shop!

Goodnight and God bless...

Mel 😙


Ah the corner shop, thought we sorted it out for ya Tracey3 - serious now, you know the drill and how to overcome it and CAN do it. Nice bath with your scented candles should do the trick :)


Stick with it!

You are doing a great job. Be damned corner shop!!!

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Tracy... I think you must make a few notices saying : No cigarettes to be sold to Tracey" and stick it up on the windows of that shop...!! That is a dangerous place so close by !!

Stay strong Tracey..!


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