Back at day one, I've no reason why

I've not the least idea why I smoked, but I did, and as I awoke this morning, from a lovely night with friends, called for a bottle of wine ( corner shop) on the way home, and then disaster struck.

To say I,m soooo disappointed with my self is a understatement.

Had a good cry about it today.

But tomorrow is new. So back to day one.

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  • Oh no! Sorry Tracey. We're going to have to club together and buy out that corner shop.

    Have you got rid of any that you had left from last night? Probably a good idea to get them out of the house if you haven't already done so.

    Anyway, I hope today is alright for you and this is your time.

  • I have indeed disposed of them, but to say I,m soooo very up set, with my self.

    Thanking you

  • Don't be too hard on yourself. I am not sure that you are back to Day 1. You can pick up and carry on tomorrow. It was one day, not 3 months (like me). And you have got rid of them so all is well. Don't buy any more. You are not back to smoking full time.

    Hope you feel better.

  • My thoughts are, it is vital that we be honest as possible in our quits, if we relapse and smoke we must be as hard on ourselves to ensure we do not let the same thing happen again, if we just continue on, what will stop us from doing it again, think it gives you more fight to succeed if you re-start from Day 1.

  • Well I have had to start again as well so I get that. It really is quite difficult- take your eye off of the ball just for a moment and it gets you. Keep at it.

  • I agree, if we have to go back to day 1 it's a feeling you don't want to feel again which helps us be stronger when we start again. Beating ourselves up and crying for a couple of hours is also necessary because if we don't I don't believe we have the mindset to move on. In saying that there's a big difference in beating yourself up to near killing ourselves. It's all learning for that final quit, the last time we go down the road.


  • aww Tracey I am gutted for you😞 that bloody corner shop has alot to answer for!! Like nozmo says maybe we should buy it out. Lots of hugs to you because I bet your beating yourself up about it x x x

  • Oh no but don't be too hard on yourself, your picking yourself up and carrying on with your quit, that's what's important not a little slip

  • Sorry Tracey, only getting to log on now today, sorry to read this. So we have a new lioness, well done, it would not have been easy for you to come and share with us. You know what you have to do, truly wish that this your quit - we are all here for you to get you back on track...

    PS Forgot to say Tracey, you need to establish what made you smoke last night before you start Day 1 again so that you will not make the same mistake again..... take time out to reflect this evening and get the mindset right for tomorrow :)

  • and then they were 3.

    still all for one and one for all.

    not looking good.July ?

    is there full moons or something amidst?

    anyway were on track.we have to keep going.

    never stop trying.

    why do we do it.

    we leant how to smoke.why the blooming heck cant we stop as easy ⁉

    roll on day 1 Tracey3

    soon the days will roll bye

    take care 😊

  • Hey Lizzy, 1 week today, well done! (Do you wanna keep your Lioness badge for another week or so?)

  • it's nice to have badge.

    I do like our original ones.

    bye to one lioness.ha.

    take care 😊

  • Hiya Tracey, I was the same position as you this time last week. RoisinO1 is 100% right, you need to know why you smoked before you begin your quit, learn from it and do not make the same mistake again. As she posted last week for Thinlizzy54 , 'cry as much as you want but make sure you never cry for the same reason again'.... that stuck with me all week...

    Wishing you the best and seeing you back on Day 1

  • Hey Tracey3 , haven't had a response from you since this morning, hope you are feeling and doing ok, let us know when you get a chance?

  • Thankyou all, very kind indeed to take time out, and give me advice, I,m sure I need.

    Normally only work part time, but covering this week, as someone on holiday, so also hoping that helps.

    its at times like this wished I lived miles from any where, so could hide away for a few days until I felt stronger in my quit.

    Thankyou all so much

  • I am sure that you will do great.....we all stumble and fall sometimes but you have already dusted yourself off and stood tall. Sending you strength x

  • Tracey, I have only just had a chance to post - really sorry to hear your news but glad to see that you are straight back on it. Thinking of you.

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