Day 11

It's been 11 days since I had my last cig. Last week was pure torture for me because I felt drained all day and ever since I quit smoking I can't sleep through the night. This week I'm congested and exhausted. I feel like I have to drink energy drinks to stay away. When I do get the urge for a cig I walk for 5 min and the craving passes. Does anyone have any tips for more energy though? I smoked for 16 years and I quit cold turkey on March 30. I know in the long run it will be positive.

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  • Well done on getting this far.

    Your energy levels will return, just g8ve it a bit of time. You body is undergoing a major change. Also, (I found) that quitting requires a massive amount of energy and this too can be exhausting. I think you just have to hang in there for a bit. It will pass. Loads of people report having problems sleeping at first so you are not alone.

    Keep going. You've got this ☺

  • Thank you. No one in my family smoked so they don't understand what I'm going thru. I'm glad I found this site..we all need support

  • Gatorrulz.....I feel your pain and torture...and remember that as if it wasn't 22 months ago... and that is why I will never smoke again....That total drained feeling is horrible and insomnia is normal...Take a lot of vitamine C and others B 3, 6. 9 or better a B complex...Go on long walks if possible.. Drink a lot of water... Yes...It is very worth it !!~!

  • Ty for the tips.. I will definitely get some vitamins to give me energy.

  • Just give it a little more time and your energy levels will probably pick up. You haven't got anywhere near as much carbon monoxide in your blood for a start so that should start to make you feel less lethargic.

    You can feel really grotty at the start. Well done on your perseverance, 11 days is great going.

  • Ty.. I have my hard and good days..

  • Yeah, that's the way it goes at the start. As long as you realise you're going to have the bad days as well as the good you're well equipped to handle them.

    It does get better, honestly!

  • Hi Gatorrulz78 well done on getting this far I packed in smoking November and I was constantly exhausted so I got multi vitamins and I can honestly say they are working for me good luck and stick to it 👌

  • Welcome Gatorrulz78 and congratulations on 11 days smoke free, I too quit cold turkey over a year and a half ago and never looked back! It is a bumpy road but so worth it as feel the best since I was a child :P

    The lack of energy is normal but you can help it along by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking loads of water, as suggested, maybe longer walks. The disrupted sleep is normal too and should settle down soon. If you are like me, I thought I would feel great the day after I quit but unfortunately it doesn't work that quickly, be patient but thankful that your body is repairing and takes time to recover, but it will heal - you have so much to look forward to as it heals, from breathing better, LOADS more energy, the wonderful smells from food to nature and perfect timing too as summer approaches to name just a few!

    We look forward to reading your progress :)

  • Ty Roisin01. I'm not going to lie but today was a hard day not to light one up. I'm a single mom of 2 kids and my son today was not being himself. I usually don't get angry easy but today was different. When I do crave for a cig during the day I munch on fresh fruit or yogurt. I'm going to get some vitamins and melatonin to,see if that helps me sleep. I'm determined to fight this and get through this. I'm blessed to find this site and an app that tells me how much money I'm saving. None of my family members smokes so I'm glad I can relate to everyone on here. If you need to talk I'm here as well

  • Hows is things going now Gatorrulz78

  • You're doing really well, keep going!

  • Ty

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