My decision of not to smoke encouraged my Father to quit also

yesterday I got a joyful surprise also and that boosted my confidence to say NO to Smoking despite of strange urge form inside to smoke after a couple of weeks.

My father is 68 years old and smoking since my last memories of child hood and yesterday i visited my parents Village and my mother told me that he has not smoked since last 23 days. Unbelievable to me but it is true that he has not smoked for more than three weeks and that too without any support. i asked him why he has taken this decision then he said he came to know about my decision and that inspired him also to take this decision. I am very happy and can proudly announce that we are now a completely no smoking family.

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  • That's fantastic vicky_7843 - wow you must feel elated that you have influenced your father in this way.

  • hi vicky_7843

    what a very happy post to read.your dad stopping.excellent.but he may need more support to know.that he can stop.

    you are both doing a fantastic thing and you can do it.get shut of demon fags.put in your life.

    We don't need fags.they don't help in anyway at all.

    well done.keep it up

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • That is awesome Vicky...Excellent and you can be so proud of yourself and your dad.

    Stay strong and enjoy the smoke free life within your family...!!!

  • That is great vicky_7843, well done! Be very proud! I would love to influence/inspire my family to quit, currently it is just myself and my Dad ex-smokers, 2 sisters, 2 brothers and my Mam are all quite heavy smokers....maybe they will see the light soon...

  • excellent news! But he may need some support and you may extend that I guess.

  • I know him he is very determined person. once he decide anything he will do it at any cost. I am proud of him and off course our family will surely support him

  • That is great news be proud of your dad........and you......I'm trying hard to get my brother and Aunt to stop as well😀😀😀

  • Missed this first time round...that's great news! Well done your dad!

  • How are you getting on vicky_7843

  • we both are doing good and still firm on our decision to quit this. really very happy to see how mu family members are reacting; very good to see them happy

  • Good for you Vicky and your Dad :)

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