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Fear of completely stopping

I have been on Champix for 3 weeks and although gone from smoking 20 a day to now 2 or 3, which is good but I am finding it so difficult to take the plunge and stop completely, it's almost like I'm slightly scared to do it, which is a bizarre way to feel.

I'm not sure how to get though this. I think the main problem is smoking has always been my way of coping, stressed have a quick fag, upset have a quick fag and calm down, etc.

I know I just need to do it, any tips on pushing through?

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Welcome lulu12345678 - down to 2 or 3 cigarettes is excellent, I quit cold turkey over a year and a half ago due to waking up in the middle of the night coughing and couldn't get my breath and knew they were killing me so decided there and then to smoke my last cigarette - haven't looked back!

Set your quit date and your last smoke - stick to it, prepare yourself by setting up a plan to keeping as busy as possible, work out what you will do when you usually would have had a smoke, get rid of all smoking related stuff (if other people around you smoke, ask them not to do it around you and keep cigarettes etc out of sight, this is very important, nothing or nobody should put your quit in danger). Be kind to yourself, reward yourself as much as you need to, lots of ice cold water, bit of exercise and above all stay close to us here, post anything and anytime.

Below is a link to some helpful posts if not already read. Wishing you strength, YOU CAN DO THIS :)

PS We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon!

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Lulu...Yes I felt the same when I stopped with the aid of Champix... But somewhere along the line you must say enough is enough and stop completely...Tips.. Sorry none... except than to close your eyes and take the leap.....Lets be honest, that cigarette tastes like S*&@t and does not have the calming effect it used to have.. Remeber Champix blocked that receptors that should release dopamine...

Also true is the fact that cigarettes gave us a false ephoria of calmness...It was a mind game and only to be realized the moment you escaped the claw of nicotine...and also true is that you gonna mourn the loss of your best friend...But once there, you will rediscover life the way it shoul be ...!!!You will be able to rely on yourself to be calm .....what a pleasure !!!

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Hi :) I've never posted before but have found myself reading on here quite a lot over the past 9 weeks (tomorrow!)

Anyway, I just wanted to reply to say that I quit using Champix and I felt the same as you, in fact, I still have a little chat with myself and tell myself it's only a temporary thing - the thought of NEVER smoking again still scares me. I don't think I will give in now I've come this far but I still can't quite think long term!

My only advice is to literally take each long, agonising day as it comes - I remember I used to go to google and type '66 hours smoke free, what's happening' and I did that the whole of that first week tbh! But soon enough, 2 weeks have passed and then 3 and 4 and so on ... I'm literally at 9 weeks tomorrow and I can not believe I've come this far!!

Good luck!!


Welcome Pinkalot - apologies missed this post last week, congratulations on over 50 days quit, well done :)

Perhaps create a new introductory post sharing your story so it will appear on the newsfeed by our members...


Hi ! I have no idea how I would do that?


No problem Pinkalot - just go to the top of this page where the No Smoking Day banner is and on the right hand corner is a green button 'write a post', click on it and follow the prompts on creating your post - any problems, let me know ;)


Smoking becomes such a presence in life that it is hard to imagine living without that constant companionship. It's always there. It's more reliable than your job, more reliable than your washing machine, more reliable than other people. You can rely on smoking to get you through life, and to end your life prematurely.

At the moment, for you, there is no point trying to conceive of a life without the special health destroying magic of smoking. As a smoker, you are just too close to the habit to see life differently.

I stopped smoking using Champix over 4 years ago. It turns out that smoking does not help me cope with life at all. I don't miss it and I don't think about it. It has taken time for that change in perception to happen. It didn't happen overnight.

The truth is that life continues, you face situations that make you stressed. And you do the best you can. Ironically, the compulsion to "cope" with life by always having to lean on the crutch of smoking undermines your self confidence, which makes it less easy to cope!

I found Champix to be very helpful. Why not try an experiment: just stop! Don't have a smoke. See what happens. Good luck!


Excellent post and advice Biggrin


Thanks everyone. I suppose it is like a companion but one I don't like anymore. I have set my quit date for Saturday. I am putting post it notes around with reasons I want to stop, put load on back door and a picture of my son too stop me giving in. Iv e also taken money out the wall for the week for my lunch and leaving purse at home so even if I want to buy some I won't be able to

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Hey lulu12345678 , hows things going for you? Are you now on Day 3 - give us an update if you can, either way - we are here to help you :)


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