Still enjoying life

Good evening,i still here enjoying my new no smoking life,its not easy but the pay off is great.One thing I never forget where I came from and I started at day one,but I refuse to do day one again.FOREVER FORWARD I USE ALL MY TOOLS.I KEEP BUSY,I EXCERISE,WHATEVER IT TAKES NOT TO GO BACKWARDS.MR.NIC.IS ALWAYS LURKING.BUT I HAVE THE POWER AND TOOLS NOT TO LET HIM IN.ITS NOT EASY BUT WITH MY HIGHER POWER AND DETERNMENTION I WILL PERVILL.AND IF I NEED MORE TOOLS IT'S always a place I can get more help (THE BIG Gun's )right here with you guys.Bless you guys.

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  • Great update bigron2238 and thanks for sharing with us. How long are you quit, doing it cold turkey, NRT?

  • I'm in my fourth month

  • Thanks Bigron, can I just have your quit date for your milestone badges....

  • March 10,2016

  • March 10,2016

  • Welcome bigron2238 to our community, so whats your story, looking forward to hearing back from you...

  • Welcome bigron2238, just joined this great community a couple of days ago, I am on Day 3 cold turkey. How long are you quit?

  • Bigron... You are in it to win it... correct attitude and correct tools makes a winning combination....and the pay off's is getting better as time passes...!!

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