day 5 since i quit smoking cold turkey

hi .so i quit smoking 5 days ago ,this must be the tenth time ive tried to quit in the last year alone .always used nrt and always failed .so i decided this time to completely rid myself of the evil nicotine ,so far so good !!! took three days for the cravings to go (i was a complete bitch) .but know im doing good and hope to continue for myself and my children 🤗

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  • Welcome hayles81, congratulations on 5 days quit - I too quit cold turkey over 19 months ago and never looked back, bumpy at times but with focus and determination got through it and off course from the support of this community, you appear to be a good mindset which will stand to you.

    We look forward to reading your progress :)

  • thanks Riosin01 and well done to you too !!😊 ive found it so much easier cold turkey rather than dragging it out for weeks on end with nrt .x

  • Yup I was like that this time.

    I'm almost 7 wèeks and amazed! There have been a few moments which have been tricky, but take each one for what it is. It does pass.

    Good luck :-) you are awesome.

  • well done you !!! 😊 wish i had tried it sooner x

  • Well done!!

    Keep going, it is so worth it!

  • I will quit cold turkey if Champix doesn't work for me.

    Currently I'm just finishing day 1 - day 2 starts in half an hour.

    Do you find the smell of smoke unpleasant?

  • well done hope the champix works for you .unfortunatly no i love the smell 🙊

  • Good job it gets better 👍 One day at a time

  • From my point of view, stopping smoking is , in the mainstream, a mindset . So, with the right frame of mind, you can stop. People stop smoking for numerous reasons - focus on why you want to stop - be specific, state in the positive and also remind yourself of all the benefits.

    There are people who want to stop, but find that they have difficulty to come to terms with the fact. These type of smokers still have their inner "programming" still running consequently, this ends up with a constant battle with that part verus the conscious desire to quit. That`s when hypnotherapy really helps, as hypnosis connects to that part that is still influencing you to smoke and updates to the needs of the here and now.

  • Welcome to our community ivertherapy - great first post! Perhaps, you would like to create a new introductory post sharing your story and how long quit you have been?

  • Hypnosis worked for me his time. Almost 7 wèeks. Yay.

    Good luck. Just beware ofor being complacent old habits still take a while.

    I have been totally thrown off kilter a few times. Have manged though and it is a lot easier than my previous attempts to quit.

  • 1 Week today hayles81 - hows things, hope you have a treat lined up for yourself!

  • going great ,only one moment so far where i could have murdered one (doing tax return lol) but i havent given in and treat myself to a bathbomb instead 😉

  • Well done for overcoming doing the tax returns, GREAT achievement :O

    Enjoy your bath, ya deserve a long relaxing one!

  • i will thankyou 😅

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