Dont do it!

Dont do it!

Keep on smoking and if you are lucky, this becomes your daily breakfast (comes free with all kinds of yucky side effects) They are blood thinners, betablokkers, & rhythm stabilisers

For anyone wondering what they are for - i had a heart attack on the 9th of February, completely out of the blue, aged 41

Due to years of heavy smoking, my arteries had narrowed so much that my heart wasnt getting enough oxygen and this causes a heart attack.

It was a horrible, painful & traumatic experience. It was 100% caused by smoking.

Please dont smoke!

Be strong and be healthy

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  • Is this what you have to take every day Andy?

  • Yup, every morning. I also take 3 more pills later in the day.

  • Sorry about that mate...but thanks for posting; hits it home and hopefully makes a few more people that little bit more determined to stop.

  • Agreed - certainly makes you think

  • Its all good mate, I don't feel sorry for myself. I'm fixed up and feeling great.

    I posted it just to show the reality. My heart surgeon told me that my heart attack was 100% down to smoking........ so I 100% caused it myself.

    My future is my own hands, and I'm choosing life!

  • Great post Andy - just showed it to my hubby and told him about your history. Total respect for you. That is inspirational! Thank you for sharing...

    Perhaps just edit your initial post to explain more about your history and what / why you are taking them for the newbies that may be lurking...

  • Thanks RoisinO1! Have updated my post, great idea

  • done perfectly Andy!

  • Thanks, another wake up call!

  • I'm sorry you went through that but hopefully a lot of people will see this and you might just reached that one person who quits staying strong

  • Thanks and I hope so Lucy1255

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