Arm Pain 1 Month CT

This past two days Im having a pain in my left arm and Im getting paranoid about it because I read about something that pain in the left arm is related to heart attack, I quit smoking 1 month ago because I had a very bad acid reflux my GP said I should quit smoking because it is a risk factor to develop GERD... Anoyone their related to pain in the upper arm?

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  • hi Germar

    I wouldn't worry about heart attack just yet

    you probably just twisted arm or slept funny on it

    unless you have chest pains,

    you may see doctor to put mind at rest.

    take care 😊

  • Hello Germar

    Well done on 1 month, brilliant!

    If you are concerned about the arm pain, get it checked out at the doctor. Do not, whatever you do, Google it, you will frighten the life out of the of yourself. The chances are it is something trivial.

    Keep going. 😊

  • Welcome Germar to our community and congratulations on 1 month quit cold turkey! Well done!

    As Lizzy and Mushen advised, the pain in arm could be something minor from pulling muscle, sleeping on it or a draft from a window open, but please go to your doctor for piece of mind and reassurance.

    Let us know how you get on and keep up the great work :)

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys. Been on ECG 2 times and its normal, Doctor said it must be connected with my widthrawal on nicotine, sometimes I have a pin or needle pain around my chest also in my arm.

  • Thats good to read Germar - how are you finding it otherwise, I too gave up cold turkey 21 months ago - very bumpy road at times but worth it all now. Below is some pinned posts that may be helpful to you if not already read

  • How is things with you Germar - has the arm pain improved?

  • Hi Roisin, thank you for your concern, my arm pain now is gone after 2 days and I research more about Nicotine Withdrawal and found out that arm pain is one of the symptoms when you quit smoking.

  • Ah thats good Germar - hope you are continuing to go well in your quit? Keep in touch with us...

  • Okay thanks!

  • How is things now Germar ? 50 days quit today! :)

  • My withdrawal symptoms now is getting better. I can't believe it's 50 days now since my last puff.

  • Well done Germar , you are doing great!

  • Germar..Welcome..The pain in the upper arm is not related to quitting and you might need to see a GP...I imagine if you quit smoking it would rather save the heart and not damage it although we have done so much damage to all our body parts with this smoking thing that the sudden shock without nicotine might wake up underlying evils !!

    Your acid reflux will really go away when you quit...I can proof that...!!

    Stay strong...!!

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