Wish me luck

Talk about stomach churning, my little buddy ( grandson) is by the very nature of being here my world, I adore him, his the light of my being, tomorrow is a big day for me, he's now four, and we have had the most wonderful times, not least when he's had his bath, and that georgeous smell only little ones have, he at my request sleeps over very often, and again my true pleaser have him at least two days a week.......

He's here tomorrow night, and just started treatment, of which he needs a injection, every evening, he has a little template, so mummy and daddy, don't inject in the same place, as bruises do indeed occur, now for me tomorrow night, if I can't give him his injections, then he can't sleep over, my world will be severely rocked.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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  • Ah Tracey, wishing you the best of luck and will have everything crossed for you and your beautiful grandson is able to stay over with you, god love the little fella, I hope the treatment works and helps and he makes a full and speedy recovery. Stay strong xx

  • Hey Tracey3 , just a wee message to say thinking of you tonight, am sure it will go well for you and your grandson xx

  • I'm sure you will be fine Tracy. I hope you enjoy your time with him :)

  • Tracey I hope that it all goes ok and that he gets better soon. Thinking of you

  • Just a thought Tracey...

    I don't want to pry but might there be a community on here (HealthUnlocked) that could help you with the issues faced by yourself and your grandson? If you do a search, find one, and become a follower you might be able to get some advice from others going through the same thing. My son has autism so I follow The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism on here and it's helped me out a few times.

    Hope it works out for you both. Best wishes to you.

  • It's just the thought of doing it, yes I also have a adult son with autism , and at times, can indeed be very difficult, so to a degree I can understand your family life,

  • Yeah, understand that completely (the thought of doing it). Not sure if I could either...but I'm sure you will because it's for the good of both of you. It may be really upsetting at first but it will get easier.

  • Once you get one over you Tracey, you should fly it....

  • Tracey...Strongs !!!

  • good luck Tracey, grannies truely are the best thing ever❤❤ hope and pray all goes well for you 😊 and your grandson😊

  • Good luck

  • Aww poor little mite. So horrible when the little one's need treatment and needles and stuff. Hope it went OK for you Tracey3 !

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