Look who is 1 today!!!

Look who is 1 today!!!

Our Charlie - got so big from when we picked him up from his breeders back on 28 February last year - 4 hour journey across the other end of the country to get him :O

He has been such a joy to both myself and hubby from his first night with us and would be lost without him now.....

PS I have had my first set back of 2018 and a bit of a craving which lasted a few minutes but shrugged it off, my new job due to be starting tomorrow in my local hospital has been postponed due to Health Sector budget approval, so a lady of leisure for a while longer, likely to be the end of the month when I start :(

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  • Ah gawd, what a beautiful, adorable doggy. Little poser too!!

    With regards the job start, firm believer that you are not meant to start yet....but imagine it was disappointing to hear especially preparing for it, enjoy the extra time off :)

  • Yeah, heart sank when I got the call this morning, but just have to sit tight for a while longer, will be worth it when I do start.....Charlie just finished his favourite food as a treat, cock tail sausages and fish fingers :P

  • Cute, so cute,

    Am sure all will work out, in time with the new job.

  • Awwww so cute 😊

  • Happy Birthday Charlie!

  • happy birthday 🎂 to you

    happy birthday dear doggy ,happy birthday to you,

    hope you have a great new start to hopefully a great new job 😁 ( RoisinO1 not charlie ) 😁

    take care 😊

  • Very cute! Happy 1st birthday to Charlie!

  • He's a handsome lad! The camera loves him.

    Sorry to hear about the job Roisin, hope it starts up ASAP.

  • Thanks Nozmo he's a little poser alright 😋I just have to sit tight and enjoy being off a bit longer 🛋

  • Charlie is a looker, so handsome! More time for you to be with your fur baby is nice.

  • Thanks shirleyhunter , hope you got over Christmas and New Year ok?

  • I didnt. But got back on track on Jan 1 so heres hoping.

  • Sorry to read you had a slip shirleyhunter and so near your 1 month milestone, put it behind you, learn from it and keep close to us....

  • He gets cuter every time I see him, beautiful pet :)

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