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2 year anniversary

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free

Hi everyone. So today marks my 2nd year without a smoke. Maybe close to 20,000 fags not jammed into my lungs. How good is the body to have been able to tolerate that abuse for well over 40 years. What a dickhead I was. So to celebrate I dug some holes hahaha Footing holes for relocating a carport. All the holes I dig I must have been a grave digger in a previous life hahaha. With the weight I have gained you would think I must have eaten the 20,000 fags!!!! So the mind is continuing to remind me how much it used to enjoy smoking but I am still in control. The time has now arrived for me to start to tackle the blubber. I wasn't ready before so I just let obesity be all the rage for me!!! The garden is going well even through winter and Fresh salad has been on the menu. Hopefully soon I will be able to start sewing the buttons back on my shirts if the weight reduces. Just wearing shirts without buttons has been good, I felt like superman in a cape however, there are some places where you can't go dressed like a yobbo. Anyone starting their quit journey just try and stay strong and ride the rollercoasting mind games that come your way. Once we stop we realise that we never actually needed them and the addiction was just that. Our mind told us we needed them to stay calm, to celebrate, to grieve, for stress, to do everything but the truth is we don't. If we conquer the mind we conquer the addiction.

Stay strong and enjoy the ride. :)

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Great job! Congrats on two smoke free years!

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Amandapanda09

Thankyou amandapanda09, I think I will still be battling the head for a bit longer yet hahaha

Frostytime1 Week Smoke Free

Congratulations such a great milestone! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Frostytime

Thankyou Frostytime, Try and stay strong

Frostytime1 Week Smoke Free in reply to dugahole

Thank you 😊 just eating my way through it 😂😂😂

Inspirational, well done you. I am mentally trying to work out how to give up and fill the void! Been puffing for 46 years , have tried vaping but that has just done my chest in!!

Any advice on how to get over the cravings without seeing the red mist would be welcomed.

Again well done and I am sure you will beat the battle of the bulge too, 😀

Quit4Money1 Year Smoke Free

What an awesome post. Congrats on two years Dug!! That's fantastic. I especially loved the part where you said there are a few places one can't go dressed like a yobbo. LOL I can relate and especially now we're staying home more during the pandemic. Some days I sit on the porch with my cats and wonder if I've put my shirt on backwards until I realize ... I just don't care ha ha. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Congrats to you on two years smoke free! You are so right when you said " If we conquer the mind we conquer the addiction." The mind is a powerful thing.

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to reader2019

Thankyou reader2019. keep the gloves on for the nico monster hahaha

Great to hear well done, I stopped 9 days ago, some times it's so hard, but I figure it will pass at some point, someone told me 2 weeks is good marker point.

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to Rebelunique

Hi Rebelunique, It seems to be really hard for some and just hard for others hahaha!!! 9 days is great going. Yes a lot of people say 2 weeks is a bout the time our body is free of stuff but my opinion is everyday is a great achievement. Try just telling yourself everyday how great it is not to smoke and keep telling your mind when it tries to get you to have one to eff off you don't need them anymore. Only yesterday I was erecting a carport with help from my neighbour and around 3pm we finished screwing the roof on and decided that was it for the day. As we sat there having a cup of tea admiring our effort I said now I would really enjoy a smoke like the old days hahahah And we discussed our days smoking. He gave up many years ago even saying how good it was. But I discussed it in a way like I talk about a family or friend that has died. Just enjoying the memory of what I thought was a good time but now really knowing how shit they really were hahaha Try and stay strong and focus on the positive each day.

Rebelunique in reply to dugahole

Thank you, very good advice. I think of it like this. . if I kept smoking then one day in the future there would be strong possibility I would be in a position where irreparable damage had been done and how I would wish to be able to turn back time and stop while there was a chance, so I imagined I had come back and given a second chance lol has worked well.


Huge congratulations dugahole on over 2 years, who knew digging holes could keep ya off the smokes, maybe you should share your success with the world and make your millions. 💰💰💰 Great to hear from you and that your witty humour is still going strong ......😂

dugahole2 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thankyou Roison01, I was thinking maybe you could just market your cakes to the smokers that are quitting as a few of us got fat anyway!!!!! However best include a large print KETO Diet info with each sale!!!!! Hope you are doing well.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to dugahole

I'm grand thanks and currently adapting to life post COVID-19 which is surreal, worrying and anxious but best not to let the mind go mad dwelling on it. Thankfully and luckily all my family have remained safe and healthy. On holidays for 2 weeks , heading on a starvation for 3 nights in a castle hotel just 40 minutes away. 😎🏰🌞☀️

helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Well done you! It's a great feeling and a huge accomplishment. Keep on keeping on ✊

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