Day 12 of my new life. Still been having dull headaches and this morning had a big craving but put two and two together and dumped my coffee down the drain. Some mornings i can handle it but not today. This afternoon I hadn't eaten yet and again bad craving. After eating felt better and remember reading to check myself if I'm hungry or tired because that's when a craving will sneak up on me the worse. Can anyone else relate?!

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  • Hey, what a great point you have raised, not least because sat her with my morning coffee, with a dull headache, wish I could go with out coffee, 

    Day 12 amazing,  nearly the two week mark, Ive just read my little book, and I swear swear it's says Ferberitis is due a little treat,. 

    I guess quitting those Nasty sticks, have so many withdrawal symptoms.  But the good news is, the longer we quit the weaker those darn symptoms become.

    Amazing well done you

  • Yes you are absolutely correct all hand to mouth addictions are linked and share the same neurotransmitters or feeling good brain parts bits.

    If you are thirsty, hungry the signals sent are actually the same as need a cigarette. 

    Eat well,  drink loads of water stay calm, camomile tea, magnesium supplements and green tea supplements are great to stay calm and serene, most definitely avoid coffee and black tea.

    I am a serious coffee drinker but I had to stop for the first 3 months of the quit, it really is,  you have to do whatever it takes to win.

    I love the attitude,  you're a winner! 😀 

  • Nice Mmaya....All very good advice !!!

  • Ferbiritus...Yes and Mmaya nailed it with her advice... I also had terrible headaches week 1 to 4. Luckily in my profession I can sit down and relax whenever because I actually work 24/7 (Always on duty)

    So I sat back in a nice comfortable chair and sipped on some sweet green tea for 15 to 30 minutes and then could go on again !!

    Stay strong !!

  • Really excellent point you have raised Ferberitis, I definitely can relate to this and when a craving would have crept up on me and am sure for many others too.   

    I have only had around 2 cups of coffee since I quit over 6 months ago as it is in my opinion a huge trigger.

    You are doing great, keep it up!

  • Thanks everyone I love this web site! It's like I have my very own cheer squad!! 

  • Loving the great positive attitude Ferbeitis!

  • Hope ur feeling a bit better now 😀 

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