speaking too soon

Well, after an amazing couple of days I am having a nightmare today. The craving and gasping for a cigarette woke me up and it has not left me since this morning! I thought it would be getting easier by now and the worst would be over me but today is by far one of the most intense hard days ive had since my first couple of weeks. This overwhelming almost winding feeling of anxiety. so so odd....

Is this nomal? surely this is all in my head now?

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  • Hi Matt, I think it's totally normal and as unpleasant as it is, it does pass!! I've had exactly the same and come here for help!! I know it feels that you ought to be over it, but it takes longer than we think. Stick with this place for support , it will pass, be strong love. You got this!!! X

  • I am climbing the walls and have absolutely no control over it. I wasn't thinking about smoking, I wasn't wanting one...literary woke up and my brain was screaming and its now 12.10 and it hasn't eased. weirdest thing.

  • Ok, Mushen gives great advice... keep yourself occupied. Last week I actually felt so desperate, so violent (I'm a complete pacifist) and angry because I so wanted a cigarette... it sounds a bit passé but I got over it, and so can you. Everyone who has quit has had this feeling I promise you..

    Occupy your mind and every time the feeling passes congratulate yourself on being stronger than the addiction. You ARE stronger, you can get through this! It's so deeply important to treat yourself too!! Make sure you recognise your own strength in overcoming this and remember you are not alone.. stay strong love x

  • Thanks so much - I know - I need to keep myself busy. weve got this!

    How long are you off them for?

  • You can honestly do this!!! Almost nine weeks! I would've gone batsh*t crazy without this place and the amazing people.

    I'm not joking when I say treat yourself! You deserve it. X

  • Hello.

    Yeah, it is normal and it is in your head - and therein lies the problem! Long after the physical withdrawal has done it's thing, the receptors in the brain are still firing. It takes time to re-write the pathways and things that you may not even notice can set them off.

    Don't worry too much. All you can do is try to occupy yourself which I realise us easier said than done.

    Stick with it. ☺

  • Thanks so much! appreciate that

  • Hey Matt28 , whoohoo! 50 Days smoke free today! Congratulations!

    Was there anything significant about today when you woke up, worried or anxious about something, smell in the air - might sound funny, but during my 20 months journey on a summers morning and window open I had numerous intense cravings that lasted a while - it is perfectly normal to have a really bad day but they will be few and far between as you continue on in your quit. Just embrace it, be kind to yourself, lots of water and keep busy. Plan a treat for your huge milestone achieved of 50 days. Stay close to us if you need to, will be here for the afternoon.

  • such a star - thanks so much!!!

    I have no idea why today is harder! and no triggers!

    How long does this rollercoaster last for? are you totally ok now?

  • Everyone is different but for me I would say after the 6 months mark but as said above, there is more good days than bad days, I promise. Embrace it and kick Mr Nico hard up the a*se!

    I honestly think having these bad days just cements our quits more as we will never want to go through it again :)

  • Hows things now Matt28 ?

  • Matt...Outch....Just another attack of mr sly....He knows he is losing you and are now attacking you with all it's wrath...Now is the time to stay strong and fight...Attack...Matt.. you can overcome this...!!

    This attacks almost never stop but is getting so weak as time passes that sometimes you might wonder if you really had a craving !!!

  • Take a day off and go swimming or jogging or have a long shower or do something you've always wanted to do. Quite simply you have to take your mind off it. Just do something different that will occupy your mind and and hands and tire you out so that at 9.00 you go straight to bed knackered and smoke free.

  • It's normal, we all have good days and bad days, fortunately the good days far outweigh the bad

  • Hi matt28 you have done really well it's 7 months for me now and I still want one every so often but it's mind over matter I also found chewies and mints helped me and plenty of water I have loads more energy now I found when I was smoking I was lazy haha stick to it don't let the fags win 👌

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