Unusual craving/urge to smoke again since last two days

I had quit smoking on 18th March and after initial days of depression, anxiety now i have started to feel that i did not require any more cigarette but after almost two months of quitting since last two days i am feeling a strong craving from inside to smoke at least one cigarette. However i am restraining my self away from this so far because i know how much efforts i have made to count these days. just sharing this that it is usual with other also .

will share one other very great inspirational quit smoke story in next post

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  • This is the time when you must be on your guard vicky_7843 - you are far enough away from smoking now to not remember all the bad days and the reasons you wanted to quit in the first place seem far away. It is easy to romance the cigarette and think just one wont hurt. But it will. You are just one cigarette away from a full pack. Smoking just one cigarette will reawaken the addiction and you will be back to square one.

    Stay strong and ignore this mental craving. It too shall pass and you will be so happy you stayed quit.

  • I fully get it... Having same issue at the 30 day mark... But you and I must stay strong and fight this urge👍🏾👍🏾😊😊

  • The mental fight I find just as hard as the withdrawal fight

  • Hey Trem / Jenny, how are you keeping, still fighting away? :)

  • Hi Vicky...Yes agreed with Trem....After 50 days it is more a mind game than physical...It is now the time to endure and you have said it...Such an effort to count the days up to now...Stay strong !!!

  • Morning vicky_7843, yes you are in the thick of the mental battle and need to be ready to attack at all times, but GOOD NEWS, as each day passes by, the less severe and frequent these battles will occur. Keep up the great work! :)

  • Thanks all; . with so much nice support and motivation from fellows ;I promise that I will stay firm on my decision

  • Yes - this is normal. Urges will come and go, some for whatever reasonings I.e triggers as time goes on the urges will become less frequent and strength of urge will be less. I'm also 8 months and still get an urge - I smoked 30 years -- just to give you idea.

  • I'm still here fighting on. My husband offered for me to go for a trip to Bali do a bit of shopping and go to the dentist. I'm so disappointed because even now at 6 weeks I don't think I would be strong enough for a trip to Bali. Everyone smokes everywhere and I'm afraid I would give in to temptation. I thought the idea of giving up would give me more holidays not stop me 😡. Oh well I still have my UK, Scotland, Ireland trip to look forward to in August.

  • Trem , don't worry Jenny, you will have plenty of time to gain strength for those holidays. You can save while you are waiting! I booked my trip to Vienna in August for hubbys 40th back in January, was a bit anxious about it but got reassurance from Angela118 post earlier in the week about holidays.

    Lucky you for your trip to UK, Scotland and Ireland, hope you get the weather as all 3 are beautiful in fine weather....

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