Stressed, major cravings

So i went to the pub and i only had diet cokes but i saw people smoking and it looked so tempting, I've been craving since then and now I'm with my family and they're stressing me out and I'm trying to unsubscribe from a community on healthunlocked and i can't manage it and that's doing my head in.

I've not smoked so that's good. Surely it can't get any worse than this! I need to relax. I might have a bath.

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  • Any way to get away from the situation would be good Onedigeridoo

    Have that bath or go out for a ten minute walk if you can...or both! Don't worry about seeming unsociable by leaving the family for a while, just explain to somebody that the cravings are doing your head in and you need some time on your own. Forget about the healthunlocked problem, it can be done tomorrow.

    Sorry it's taken a while to reply. I think I'm the only one here who isn't out at the pub enjoying the prospect of getting drunk with a nice lie in in the morning. I'm in all night if you want to rant about the cravings or let off steam. I've got no mates πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Nozmo. I'm not getting drunk tonight. Just on my computer at the moment. My girlfriend is downstairs, she's being a bit annoying today, I think she's had too much to drink. To be honest she has a serious alcohol problem. One thought I had today was "if she gets to indulge then I should be able to too" but that's a stupid idea, I should be as healthy as I can be regardless of whether she's an alcoholic or not.

    I managed to unsubscribe from the community in the end. It needed to be done on my laptop, I couldn't do it on my phone.

    I really think the ecig was a bad idea, even if it was zero nicotine. I am worried that the company I bought it from was lying and it actually had nicotine in it. So maybe even though I am on day 9, I am actually starting again. Anyway, I've thrown away all my ecig stuff now. What a waste of money!

    Hope you're well Nozmo and thanks for your support. Yes, going for a walk is a good idea and the bath was a good idea too.

  • i always hate being around people who have been drinking when I'm sober. Probably best to stay out of the way tonight. You won't be feeling very much like your usual self at the minute but it's normal. The trouble is nobody else understands that unless they have been through the first few weeks of a quit.

    I quit using an ecig (off it now) so I'm a fan of them but I also realise that they're not for everyone so if it's not working for you then it's better to get rid of it. You tried and it didn't work but it wasn't a total waste of money. Every quit method is a leap of faith and we don't really know what to expect until we try it.

    I doubt the liquid will have contained nicotine but If you really want to start again then have a word with Roisin and she will reset your badge. Personally I think you have earned your 9 days. It's not as if it's been an easy ride for you.

    I hope the rest of the night is more bearable. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you Nozmo, I don't think I need to reset the badge because I'm pretty sure I haven't had any nicotine, but the zero-nicotine liquid is playing tricks on my brain.

    Well done for coming off the ecig. I used an ecig for a few years but I went back to smoking because I was worried about the effect the ecig was having on my heart (I was using it a lot).

    All the best to you too, well done on another day smoke free!

  • No probs....and thanks!

    Looks like the troops have arrived... :-)

  • Hang in there. Despite all the stress, you are still doing very well indeed.

    If it helps, I was doing the garden earlier and out comes husband and promptly lights up and stands there puffing away with his coffee. For a fleeting moment I considered the idea of, 'well you get to indulge, so why the hell shouldn't I?' It hacked me off a bit to be honest. I told him to move away and please not to do it in my face (so to speak). Anyway he moved away and then 20 mins later I could smell burning. He'd set whatever was in MY plant pot alight. So now, he's putting fags out in my plant pots as well. Give me strength. We discussed where his bloody ashtray was located and how my plants WILL DIE if the soil is full of fag butts.

    Stop stressing about the e-cig. You are on Day 9, end of story. Keep going. You've got this despite the stress. You're not doing this alone, we're all here supporting you every step of the way. ☺

  • That sounds very stressful in the garden with your husband, all credit to you for being strong!

    Yes after today I think I can do it. I hope I can. I was very weak earlier today but my Mum helped me.

    Thanks for your support! Well done for dealing with the stress in the garden today!

  • One thing, you are not weak at any point in this. What you are is recovering from addiction and this is not weakness. Don't think of it as so. Nicotine is as addictive as Heroin. Will power, as we all know, comes and goes and in the times when it has gone, we need other coping strategies in place.

    You are not weak at any point, you are addicted, there is a huge difference. ☺

  • Thanks Mushen, i have periods where I'm almost ready to give up and buy a pack, but at certain points in time my family have helped me. Other coping strategies include having a bath or retreating onto the computer for a while.

    I feel proud of myself for what I've gone through and you should too!

  • you poor thing 😁

    only joking Nozmo 😁

  • Hey Onedigeridoo - just logging on now (having a very civilised Easter, doing my final assignments for college :O )

    I posted my first post here on Day 8 of my quit as I was pulling my hair out, it is perfectly normal to be feeling this anxious and WOW, fair play to you heading out to the pub at this early stage in your quit - I was at least a month before I headed out and found it tough but once I got over the first social pub scene it was easier the next time - I know you were not drinking but still would have been very tough to overcome.

    As previously advised, the mental battle is in full swing and will be for some time, as each day passes the stronger you will become, with regards the ecig, can't imagine the company would give you liquid with nicotine in it if it stated it had 0%. I think it was a good call to get rid of it as has been proving serious unnecessary stress for you - you have to be kind and look after yourself for the time being - its only for a few weeks - do whatever it takes not to light up the cigarette, you can make it up to loved ones when you are on top of the world (I promise, you will be on top of the world soon!) and stronger in your quit - it is also normal to feel everything is worse than it actually is - its your brain re-wiring, it will settle down soon.

    Have that bath, listen to your favourite music, deep breathing and an early night always works wonders :)

  • Thanks Roisin, it was horrible today but I'm ok and I'm going to get an early night.

    How's things going with the college course? Hopefully the college is a non-smoking zone?

  • The course is going great - not sure if you read up on my background but was made redundant last August after 20 years working in the insurance industry - took a complete change of direction in my career and follow my passion and dream which is cooking so started a Professional Cookery course - off for Easter now, back in a weeks time for 3 weeks, can't believe how quick the time has gone, loved every minute of it, hope to go down the route of building up a bit of bread baking - have a few orders of my wheaten bread loaves, soda breads and scones which is steadily growing and may be get a part time job in a small restaurant or cafe - being smoke free has given me an unexpected bout of self confidence and honestly don't think I could have done this still hiding behind the cigarette crutch I had for so long :)

    PS The college is suppose to be non smoking but impossible for teenagers to adhere to the smoking zones outside - walking in and out stinks and just reiterates why I never want to smoke again!

  • Yes I bet if you can give up smoking you must feel like you can do anything!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the course. I love bread.

    It sounds as if you are almost happy that you got made redundant, is that fair to say? I mean your life is going well now, right? I hope it is.

    And I bet food smells better now that you don't smoke!

  • Spot on, thats it exactly, had got into a rut after a rough couple of years, my life is definitely going well now, so much happier and yea, food smells AND tastes soooo much better smoke free :P

  • I'm glad you're happier now. I believe people are happier when they don't smoke, so that's a big motivator for me. I hope things go well for you at college over the next month.

  • Hows things today Onedigeridoo

  • Tempted today but still going strong.

  • hi Onedigeridoo

    you are winning the Battle πŸ˜’

    you are stronger than you think 😊

    as for e-sig use it or loose it 😁

    whatever stops you smoking the fags

    take care 😊

    kicking kicking 😁

  • Thanks Thinlizzy, I think going to the pub might have been a mistake, and today was quite stressful in various ways. Bank holidays always upset my routine a bit and I like routine. Tomorrow might be hard too but I'll cope.

  • just keep posting πŸ˜’

    even ifs its just to let of steam 😁

    keep in touch ,

    take care 😊

  • Thanks Thinlizzy,

    I threw away my ecigs like I said, and i went and had a herbal cigarette (NO tobacco and NOT anything illegal, just herbs, basically a quit smoking aid). I feel guilty about that now. I'm so used to relapsing and feeling guilty. But i never made it one day before, let alone 9 days!

    Champix helped the first few days I think, with the physical stuff, but it doesn't stop the psychological pain (I want to say torture but that's a bit overdramatic).

    Phew, I'm glad I got through today! It wasn't just the cigarettes, it was family stress and boredom and other stuff too. I bet lots of people had a hard day today! Well done for getting through Easter everybody. Summer is on its way (unless you're in the southern hemisphere).


  • I used a e-sig,πŸ˜’

    ive got it in a cupboard πŸ˜’

    I had a fall at 6 months

    ,big MASSIVE mistake πŸ˜’

    (7-8 months ago,,❓ started day one again )

    if I ever get that low that I want to smoke I will dig it out,

    but hopefully I'm always on guard,😁


    take care 😊

  • Sorry you had a massive fall. I hope you can continue to stay quit. You've done very well so far. Take care.

  • you too.

    you/we can do this 😁

  • Yes we can do this. We need to relax and enjoy life.

  • Be proud of yourself for not smoking. The holidays are always stressful and just remember it's just one day. I wanted one as well this past week but I didn't light one up. Its been 18 days since my last cig and I'm proud of myself. You should just tell yourself it's just one day when it comes to your next holiday. Will be praying for you

  • Well done for getting to 18 days! I want one too but i haven't lit up.

  • Hope today is going better for you, Ondidgeridoo. Stay focused and keep going forward. It's not an easy journey but one day at a time is doable. The cravings will pass and it will get easier. Be kind to yourself and proud of how far you've come.

  • Thankyou Taurean, i will try to be kind to myself. You too!

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