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No Smoking Day
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Still haven't smoked :D

Feeling really really proud of myself now to be honest still haven't cracked and I've always talked about quitting but always gone back too it! Now I just want some suggestions how to stop smoking my e-cig because I feel like sometimes I'm still getting a sore throat and I think it could be caused by electronic cigarette, anyone know if my worries right?

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Huge well done Anna, you are doing great! Unfortunately, can't offer any advice on the weaning off the e-cigs - maybe set yourself a date for very soon, like you did for your quit, it is a good sign that you are wanting to get away from the e-cig early on in your quit so maybe bite the bullet and do it as soon as...


yeah just feels like when everyone else has a cigarette at college I'm not sure what i'm going to do but maybe it's best if I try stay inside on breaks and eventually stop but I'm not sure what being completely of nicotine will do to me, don't want too be so stressy :(


I understand Anna, what I done at work was adjust my routine when I would have went for a smoke, I now spend my time first thing in the morning cutting up lemon, cucumber and mint to put into a water juicer, have a chat with non smoker colleagues, read the paper or surf the net - took about a 2 weeks at the most to get used to - below is the bottle I use which is great as can just top up with water throughout the day and is healthy and an amazing way to get water into you, which will help with the cravings along with the baba! Sorry unable to paste a picture of it - if you search under water juicer picture.....


Excellent work Anna, very well done!

Re the ecig, bizarrely enough, I was talking to somebody on Friday night who was allergic to his ecig. It caused his lips to swell up!!!

As far as I know some people can be allergic to the propylene glycol that is used to produce some of the vapour. I think if there was an allergy there you would get more than just a sore throat though. Maybe worth visiting your GP to get it checked out?

Are you using it a lot? What type is it? Is it one of those beasts that produces clouds of vapour?


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