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No Smoking Day
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Tomorrow is D day!!

Hi all! Still busy working out this site, because I do it from my Andriod phone. Batteling to reply to everyone individual!

But tomorrow is the day! I know that Iwill do it!

Yesterday we went to visit my grandma and she asked when Iwill be stopping?

My husband looked at me and said: She is always promising Gran!

Haha xx yes i am always promising but never go through with it. So this is my only platform where I will get support.

I maybe will see her on Sunday. It will be great if I can tell her I didn't had a smoke since Thursday.

Someone commented on my post of yesterday. Stating I should take it hour for hour.

Hour to hour will make it day to day and I know this time I will make it.

Coughing is getting very bad. Snoring and short of breath. I am doing this for my health. Not even to mention how much money I will be saving!

I downloaded some pics to help get me motivated. If anyone has pictures please send them to me.

I will be posting a pic everyday!

Thank you for your support and help guys and girls you on!!!!

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Mecs...It is really rediscovering life... !!!

Be assured of our continuous support !


Mecs you are going to be fine! Remember there are more people who have quit than there are that smoke. You have it within you to do this.

Go for it! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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Hi Mecs, have you got a phone app so you can track the improvements to your health and how much money you're saving? They're really useful, especially in the early stages.

Just checked mine and I have saved Β£1,252 so far and not smoked 3,853 cigarettes! Still amazes me.


No Nozmo! Can you give me the link so that I can check please? It would be greatly appreciated!


I'm not allowed to mention a specific one on here but there are a lot available on App Store and Google play.

Here's a pc based one set up by somebody who used to be on this forum but I think has now left.



You can do this Mecs We will support you and someone will always be around to talk to.

The phone appts that Nozmo mentioned are great. I love looking at my page as well.

Stay strong, stay close and post often

one minute~one hour~one day

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Thank you Putter. I thought about this this morning. Every second I don't smoke will turn into a minute, and every minute I don't smoke will turn into an hour and every hour that I don't smoke will turn into a day and every day I don't smoke will turn into a week and every week I don't smoke turns into a month and every month I don't smoke will turn into a year! Would you be so kind giving me the mobile app's link so that I can download it?


Hey Mecs go into your play store and search for quit pro or smoke free. Those are the ones I use


Hi Mecs,

I am on day 4 now and last week before I quit I was really stressy and snappy and that was just because I knew my stop date was looming! Since I quit I have actually been in a pretty good mood! I think the fear of quitting is worse than the actual quit itself! I am sure you will be fine. I got word search books and adult colouring books and read a lot and just keep busy or sleep! X x


I do have a adult couloring book. So hopefully that would help. Love reading. Will start a book tomorrow morning in bed. Will read myself to sleep. Thanks for the advise!


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