Day 20 😀Smoke free

I'm on day 20 today so feeling pleased with myself. Last 3 days iv been cold turkey and not been using nicotine patches. Still using my electronic ciggie but it's 0% nicotine. Must admit I do feel better already. I had a horrible cough prior to stopping. This has now stopped. My skin and hair also feels and looks better. My advise to everyone is to keep at it . It does get easier as time goes on .

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  • Hi blue eyes

    And welcome

    .i must agree skin. does feel. better.ive noticed my skin colour has changed from gray sad white colour to a rosy pinkish.and I'm warm I always feel cold.yes the best decision I ever made is to stop.

    We must try.if we fall we must get back up and try again.

    I have gained a cough.but ive been assured this is normal

    You take care

    Keep kicking

  • Hey Blueyes, great to read your update and wow, 20 days already, you are almost over the worst (dreaded 3 week horrors!!). Delighted for you, keep up the great work!

  • Great news Blueyes, very happy for you. That's my next aim, to get down to 0% nicotine. You're doing better than me...keep it up!

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