2 weeks smoke free

Hi all, 2 weeks smoke free and I feel great. I am using an E cig which the nurse said was fine as it is the same as the patches, just giving me nicotine, I dont even feel I want a cigarette even though my partner is a heavy smoker. The E Cig has certainly given me the will power to carry on, I would certainly recommend it.

Good luck all and keep strong, its well worth it financially and from a health point of view.

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  • Hello janey, I agree with you; I used an ecig and it helped me an awful lot. They're not for everybody but they certainly worked for me.

    Congratulations on getting to two weeks. Onwards and upwards!

  • Hi Nozmo, The E cig is a life saver for me, Have tried quitting before and never quite got there, but, with the ecig I feel I can really beat this

  • And you can! There are a few of us on here who have quit electronically 😀

    Really glad it's going so well for you.

  • Well done to you too, 6 months smoke free is fantastic, I hope I can get to that goal as well. Still working my way around this site, but, it is a great motivator, when I log in seem to lose any replies.

  • I do want to get away from my (pipe as I call it) eventually, but it is early days for me so if my pipe helps me then I will continue with that.

  • Yeah that's the ultimate aim but do it when you're ready, in your own time, the way that suits you. It took me months to wean myself off mine. Some have done it quicker, just all down to what works for each individual.

  • I must admit I do rely on my pipe at the moment, but, if that is stopping me smoking cigarettes then I am happy to stick with that, I will worry about getting off the pipe at a later stage

  • Nothing wrong with that, I was exactly the same.

  • So, how did you get off the pipe, eventually??

  • I just went to a lower nicotine level of e-liquid every time I bought a new bottle.

    Started on 24mg and went down to 18, 12, 6 and then zero but there were weeks/months in between 25ml bottles. Once I had been on zero for a while I just didn't get anything from it anymore so I gradually stopped using it. I still have it and take it with me when I go out for a drink but I rarely use it.

  • Janey... Well done on 2 weeks ...See how time fly's...Glad you are comfortable with the E-Cig and positive in your quit.. Stay strong !!

  • Thankyou Hercu, my E cig is my life line at the moment

  • Janey, I also used an e-cig and found it helpful. Like Nozmo, I gradually lowered the nicotine dose until it was zero. Eventually I stopped using it. I think it's most helpful for people for whom the hand-mouth motion is a large part of their habit. Friends have used the patch, or gum, but I just find those options odd. Anyway, glad it is going well.

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