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Day 2 +10hours smoke free!! Yay me

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Lauramaccuish011 Year Smoke Free

So I'm in day 14 of champix today has be harder than yesterday i tried a 2 puff once yesterday eve and again this eve they made me feel sick and so disappointed with myself, I need more willpower can someone advise me on something to help with the habit smoking e.g. Having a cuppa,watching tv walking to the shop just basically when bored.

I've got a vape pen with 0%nicotine but don't want to become reliant on it can some one please give me some advise on what will help keep my mine and hands occupied

Many thanks

Laura 2days 10hours smoke free minus 2 slip up puffs (blurgh)

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NozmoValued Contributor

Hello Laura, welcome to the forum, hope we can help you out.

My advice would be to just keep yourself as occupied as you can. Do all the things you mention and anything else you can think of that will keep your mind occupied. If you have thought about taking up a new hobby or starting a new activity then now is the time to do it. I would really recommend exercise if you're into that? Anything new would be good as it is something you don't associate with smoking. As you will probably find out, quitting smoking has a lot to do with getting over a series of trigger points - situations that you associate with smoking.

Don't be disappointed in yourself! Quitting isn't easy, otherwise forums such as this wouldn't exist. It's really easy to think you're weak and you have no willpower but take heart in the fact that MOST people find it really hard (I did).

Finally, don't dismiss the vape pen completely. I quit using one and I found it A LOT easier to quit the vaping than I did the smoking. Maybe use the vape for a while, until you're more comfortable in your quit, and then try to cut that out too? Just a suggestion; it worked for me.

Enough of my waffle, I'm off to bed. As I said earlier, hope we can help.

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mushenValued Contributor in reply to Nozmo

Excellent answer Nozmo . Spot on! 😊

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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to mushen

I have my moments! :-)

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Lauramaccuish011 Year Smoke Free

Thank you for your replies they are REALLY helping that I know there are people out there going through the same thing or have been. Through it as my hubby is still smoking



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NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Lauramaccuish01

Oh dear, that makes it a bit harder. My wife has never smoked but a few people here have had to put up with smoking spouses so maybe you can get some tips....?

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mushenValued Contributor in reply to Lauramaccuish01


My husband is still happily puffing away as well. I. The early days, this was not helpful at all indeed, it wasn't helpful the other day when he came into the garden and lit up in front of me either!

At the start of my quit I asked husband to hide all cigarettes and related items. The last thing I needed to see was a packet of fags sitting on the windowsill. I also asked him not to smoke in front of me (which he seems to have forgotten now). I won't lie, if I had seen cigarettes around the house, I probably would have had one. At times, I also felt like I was missing out when he smoked and I was not. This is daft of course but nonetheless it often felt as though I was being deprived of something.

The good news is that over time, having a partner that still smokes is not such an issue. You just have to plod on with your quit. For now, ask your husband to keep all cigarettes out of your sight and to try not to smoke in front of you if he can. ☺

Just get through it one day at a time. Take deep breaths. Today is particularly hard because it's Easter Monday.

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mushenValued Contributor in reply to Onedigeridoo

I know.

Keep plodding on, 1 hour at a time.

You can get through today just like you got through yesterday. ☺

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Welcome Lauramaccuish01 - hope today is going better for you?

Unfortunately, I am going to be honest with you as it is for your own good and good the other members here that are very early on in their quits and are struggling not to light up that cigarette and extremely vulnerable - your post yesterday is not 2 days and 10 hours quit as you smoked twice......

I really hope today is a better day for you and that you strong in your quit and have not smoked from yesterday evening. To be successful in our quits, we need to be 100% focused, determined and ready to attack at all times - preparation, a plan on what you can do when you would have had a smoke - cut up some fruit, drink ice cold water, deep breathing exercises, read the news, gossip on the internet, the list is endless, I quit cold turkey over a year and a half ago, it was a bumpy journey, very bumpy at times but all worth it to be where I am today, feeling good, healthy and enjoying a smoke free life!

I done up a to do list of jobs I put on the long finger for ages and went through it and kept myself as busy as possible for the first 6 months of my quit. Nozmo's suggestion of keeping the 0% ecig is a good idea especially as you are struggling with the hand to mouth habit - they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I used a water juicer bottle and was my savior for my early day cravings and never had it out of my hand! I sliced cucumber, mint and lemon and topped it up with water throughout the day

Also, read up as much as you can on quitting - below is some pinned posts that maybe helpful to you - and

Let us know how you are getting on today?

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

How are you getting on Lauramaccuish01- we are here for you and to help in whatever way we can on your quitting journey :)

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Biggrin6 Years Smoke Free

It took me at least 3 weeks on Champix before I stopped, some people take longer. You have not "failed" at all!

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Gatorrulz781 Year Smoke Free

I quit cold turkey on March 30 at 11:55 p.m.. The first week was the hardest for me but at the same time I had a tooth pulled. I was more afraid of getting dry socket so mentally I told myself I didn't need one. I'm into 18 days now and still going without smoking. The best thing I could say to do is your mind busy and your hands. I change my routine around when I get home from work and that tends to help. I keep finding something to clean in my place and I have this app on my phone that tells me how much money I saved. Plus on this app it says how much of your life you have saved by not smoking. When I was at the 2 wks without a cig.. I saved 24 hrs of life. Its eye opening learning process and then I look at my kids. So I have faith in you..

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