12 days smoke free!

Just wanted to update that I am 12 days without a cigarette. It feels great! I don't know why I didn't try this sooner. I guess I was just not ready to part with my Marlboro Lights. I am so grateful not to be spending $80.00US dollars a week on them. I am using the patch to get me through the withdrawal from the nicotine. I am only on Step one so I will see if the step down affects my success.

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  • Good to read an update from you Josie1218 - you are doing great :) Keep it up and the progress updates!

  • Congrats Josie, on your decision to quit. Your positive attitude will certainly help. Good Luck and stay strong. It gets so much better!

  • Josie1218 what a way to go! I think the reason people think "Why didn't I do this sooner?" is because everyone is telling you that it is really difficult ie. The Media, Advertisers, Vaping ( a slight step-down-but-still-smoking) Companies, Friends, Colleagues etc. But it isn't that difficult. I did it (eleven and a half years ago and counting) and you have done it too. It is simply a matter of deciding that you are no-longer-a-smoker. And you've decided. So that's it. Step over the line... Yesterday is History... Tomorrow is a Mystery... Today is a gift...

    Never put a cigarette in your mouth again and NEVER spend any of your hard-earned cash on tobacco or vaping prodicts EVER again. You have stepped over that line. The Past is behind you and you can get on with the rest of your (wealthier and healthier and longer) Life. Do lotsa fun stuff!

    Imperial Tobacco, the Philip Morris Group and all of their wealthy board members think they have an endless queue of suicidal idiots queuing up to burn away 300-400 US$ or UK£ per month on enhancing their shareholders portfolios and dividends. The Dead Cancery Ones don't matter because to those Company Boards there is an endless queue of more idiots waiting to take the Dead Cancery Ones places. Never return to that queue. Enjoy your new wealth and NEVER start paying it out to them EVER again. Most of us were stupid idiots when we were younger and didn't think smoking through, but it doesn't mean we will EVER be fooled again. Tobacco was NEVER your friend and Imperial Tobacco actually didn't give a shit whether you lived or died, it was (and is) a numbers game to them. You are NOT a number and certainly don't ever again consent to being a Cancer or Heart Disease Statistic.

    Have a fun time and get on with the rest of your life now. You are no longer a smoker. Soon you will not even give thoughts of cigarettes any mind-time or houseroom. Days and weeks will go past without them and the very pleasant distance will grow longer. Your breath, skin and hair will smell sweet again. Other stuff gets better (...) . Your "smoking past" will become a distant (slightly embarrassing) memory and your life will be filled with much better stuff than that crap. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for taking the time reply. 22 days smoke free today. Even took the nicotine patch off to see If zicould be both nicotine and smoke free! So far so good!

  • "So far - so good". 22 days? That is utterly fantastic! The little urges soon pass, and you very quickly stop even noticing them. The weeks, months and years will fly past... they would fly past anyway even if you were a smoker... but now they pass in a healthier and considerably wealthier way. And you will get more of those days - rather than less. Smoking would only have taken your hard-earned cash away and take away days of your life. It wasn't your friend.

    You are a very big way down the road now. The view just keeps getting sweeter and better. May the road rise with you and a fair wind be at your back. Keep going!

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