My first day

Hi it's my first day of not smoking. I wanted to quit for a wile now. I've been feeling sick an not enjoying my cigi for about a month, but I kept smoking anyway. I have stopped enjoying my food and had lost any appetite I might have had long time ago. And my financial situation is not good at the moment so finally I decided to quit smoking. This day has been hard but I'm feeling proud of myself keeping myself away from cigarettes. And I feel I have already saved my money by doing this. Today I just was trying to keep myself occupied with housework and later on I had to go to work. At work I didn't took my brake and I kept drinking my favourite soft drink whenever I had a kraiving. I am worried about tomorrow I hope I'll manage to keep myself occupied and won't give in.

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  • Hy w hat a great decision , first day done,, I also started a new quit yesterday,

    Doing great just keep going.

    Doing amazing

  • Hi Sandra and Tracey, First of all may I say a BIG well done on your decisions to quit.

    Your body will already be benefiting from stopping. Have a good look at the topics on the right of this page, there are lots of useful hints and tips, and also what to expect on your smoke-free journey.

    If you need help at all just shout we are here to support each other. :) xx

  • Welcome Sandra and congrats on making the best decision of your life to quit, stay close to the forum and try to keep yourself as busy as possible for the next few weeks.

  • Hi Sandra it's my first day also I have the help of champix so I'm just trying tochange my routines I've been at work all day so my mind is on other things but tomorrow is my day off this could be tricky but I'm determined to get through this. Hope you can stick in there good luck

  • Welcome ying and congrats on Day 1. Keep yourself as busy as possible when at home, when I quit 6 months ago, I done up a to do list of mini projects to keep me busy, still at them!

    Look forward to reading your progress....

  • Hi Roisin

    Woke up this morning first thing I thought about was a fag it passed all I keep saying to myself it's my routine that's the habit not the nicotine I'm feeling strong not like any other time I've tried to stop it's mind over matter and I will write down things to do just incase I get weak thanks for the encouragement it means a lot😊

  • The habit will pass in a couple of weeks as you adjust your routine, as each day goes by it will get easier, you are doing great!

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