Day 6 - tough

Day 6 - tough

Seems like a few of us were working from home today, and had the same challenges.

Its been a tough day and i wasnt expecting it to be. Being at work hasnt been to hard, nor has being at home..but working from home, ouch! I spent all day thinking about smoking, really all day. I thought to myself that I will just go mad like this. I suppose it wasnt too hard not smoking, but it would have been so much easier just to smoke!

So in between mails, i did a lot of reading about quitting. I looked depressingly at my big bag of heart pills and my long list of hospital appointments from the last 3 months and just thought no, I dont smoke anymore and im never smoking again.

Thankfully this forum was here, and ive probably spent more time on it today than doing work. It really helps so much!

Mojo the anti smoking guard dog kept his wonky 1.5 blue eyes on me too. Still trying to find a photo of Gizmo the pig 😂😂😂

Keep strong and healthy! Tomorrow is another day....the last of my 1st week smoke free woooohooo!

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  • Huge day for you tomorrow Andy, 1 week smoke free, be kind to yourself and definitely treat yourself, small or big, hope your wife is doing good too.

    Just shining up here your 1 week badge, maybe buy a new top to pin it on! :)

    Mojo is adorable! Mans best friend....

    PS Bruce Springsteen is playing in Croke Park (our national GAA football park) tonight and Sunday, just seen a clip of it on our news, depressed, missed out on an amazing gig and no way I can go Sunday as have a family Christening - Nozmo , FordyP have ye seen him before?

  • I haven't Roisin, though I do like some of his stuff. He played Sunderland's ground a few years ago but the tickets were really expensive. On the day of the gig it absolutely LASHED down for the whole day so I was glad I hadn't forked out.

    We're going to have to do a "bands you have seen" post at some stage just so we can all compare notes and be jealous of each other.

  • Yeah, tickets very expensive alright, few at work selling them for near €170 for a pair, crazy money but apparently he plays 3 hour sets....yeah must do the bands post :)

  • Roisin, I love Springsteen but have never seen him. Was gutted when one of my pals said he was going but I didn't manage to get myself organised to get a ticket. The guy is a legend - when he tours in the US he always gets some homeless people to work at the concert in each place he plays. Lovely guy - sadly Clarence Clements the saxophonist on Born to Run died a little while ago - cancer

  • Mojo is a striking looking dog Andy...those eyes!

    You have got through the first working from home experience and passed with flying colours. Next time you'll know what to expect, you will cope with it better, and then it will get easier every time you do it. miscy has said similar to this a few times and she's absolutely right.

    Congratulations on reaching 1 week tomorrow (or maybe today by the time you read this).

    Best wishes to you, Gizmo and Mojo from Nozmo!

  • Andy loving your dog - looks like an excellent anti- tab watch dog! Mega congrats on the first week - a great achievement. Soon you will be racing along barely thinking of it at all and gambolling in the garden with Gizmo the pig (I so want to see a photo!)

  • Thanks FordyP , rather chuffed

    Just found a gizmo pic and posted it :-)

  • That first week for me was horrendous and I didn't think I would make it. Andrewquits you should be chuffed with yourself and more. Congratulations at making it through that first week as I think if you can make it through the first week you can make it all the way to the non smoker that we are all striving to achieve. Be very proud of yourself and when you buy yourself a reward you had better buy Mojo that gorgeous dog of yours 1 too.


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