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Im back and wasnt gone for the month


Two weeks later and Im back, I still havent smoked, told you I wouldnt. I thought I would be off the forum for about a month but I didnt need that long after all.

I had a lot going on with hydrotherapy, pysiotherapy, my mum was poorly and Ive been looking after my grandson quite a lot, but everything has slowed down again for me. I will be going back to work on january 8th all being well and should have my grievance heard sometime before that, so all is going swimmingly for me.

On the smoking front, i have to be honest here, another reason I needed time away was I was struggling and I spent too much time on here reading and thinking about smoking all of the time. Being away has given me the time I needed to break away from my old habits and to stop thinking about it all of the time. I feel strong enough now to be able to help those that are new to quitting. I felt that my replies were getting samey....*good luck* Ive been there* etc. With this new found feeling of freedom I hope that I will be able to contribute something valuable again.

I dont have strong cravings anymore, I dont think about smoking constantly anymore, now, sometimes just in passing my brain forgets I dont smoke and the thought jumps into my head *oh i'll have a smoke when I finish this* and I stop and think idiot, you dont smoke and the thought leaves me. Im finding that I am a non smoker now and it pleases me.

I was at the hospital today for hydro and as I approached the main entrance all I could smell was smoke and I didnt enjoy the smell anymore, in fact I had to take a deep breath and rush past the smokers, it was bloody awful.

So there, Im pleased with how Im thinking, Im pleased Im a non smoker, Im pleased that the cravings have left me, Im pleased that on Thursday I hit week 7 but most of all Im pleased to be back here.

lillie xx

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Good to see you back Lillie

mash x

Hey Mash my quitting twin, 7 weeks Thursday and we are nearly at 2 months! Who would have thought it eh?

Here's to us on getting to Dec 6.

Lillie x

Hey Liilie - welcome back, another Octoberian still going strong.

I have been posting less, I know what you mean about feeling you were spending too much time on here (says I posting at 8.30am)!


I'm impressed with the October team. Seems as though we're going stronger than may be expected (myself definitely included)

It must have been something in the air in October as we do seem to be hanging in there. Have we lost anyone while Ive been offline?

Hiya lillie, glad you're back :)

We lost Sea and I think we probably have lost hotand cold. I hope they think of quitting again soon! Apart from that I think everyone else is still here...but hey I forgot Dragon31, has any one heard from Dragon after his little blip???

<waves madly at Lisa>


Oh not Sea, she set up our October group :-(

I think we lost contact with H&C before I went offline, and Nooooooo not the dragon. Did Annie84 stick around or when she went was that it?

Im sure they will all come back at some point and if we stay strong we can help them with their next quit.

Sad though.....they were all a part of my quit.

Glad your still going strong :D

Hi Lillie i dont think we have met as i only joined a couple of weeks ago. Well Done with your quit:D

im so sorry guys you lost sea and h&c and poss dragon and maybe annie 84 but hey you get to put up with me instead lol welcome back lillie pleased to meet you :) i love this group and we will take over that penthouse like it aint no thing lol.

keep going

never quit quitting


Thanks everyone and hiya <waves madly to those that joined while i was away>.

This forum was the making of me at the beginning but I was becoming obsessed, I was thinking and talking about smoking all of the time, I just needed a bit of a break.

But hey Im back and feeling fighting fit, so if I can help anyone please just tell me.

Lillie xoxoxoxoxox

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