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Im Back For Good This Time !!

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Hi everyone after a few failed quits i am back again, stayed in bed for as long as possible ,just want day 1 out of the way...

Feeling loads more educated this time to deal with the craves. or rather the silly voices in my head begging me to smoke.well they can get lost as its for keeps this time.

thankyou for everyones support in my earlier posts , please dont give up on me.

Have lots to keep me busy today so probably be back on tea time thats my weak point ,so will keep posting to ride it through. back to my mp3 can`t listern to voices if singing along to music .crazy lady what am i like.

love to sally if you read this well done you !!!!

lots love ali xx

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Hi Ali,

Im new here... but want to help others....

Ur over half way through day one...... soon be day 2 !!!


Hi Alison :D

Good to have you back again and glad you're feeling better prepared this time which will help a lot take it minute by minute if you have to just hang in there



Good for you Ali, just keep struggling if you have to, you don't have to take notice of those voices, tell them b****. David

Dont give up giving up

Well done for quickly putting last attempt behind you. Sure u will learn from the experience Look forward to seeing your post over next few weeks.:):)

Still here i think

HI ya folks , thanks for your lovely comment`s etc, im still here, sort of ,heads a bit fuzzy but going with the flow.

Big thanks to greg,marg,davofgy,karenutd,AND OF COURSE SALLY!!!

Not sure about the short skirts,white socks,& pom pom`s sal

If you could fix me up for the night with andy garcia or patrick swayze,or denzel washington, not that fussy am i ? would be much appreciated and make the quit so much more worth it. Dont you think ? good job hubby dont read my post`s ha ha.

Im just in the middle of cooking a late roast dinner and its smelling good . sense of smell getting better all ready.......

take care to all,

back soon

luv ali xx;)

Hi Babes Hope day one has been kind to you hun. almost done on to day two.xxxxxx

Thanks linda , nearly day 2, its funny how we can feel positive and calm one minute then in bits the next. trying to keep myself busy.

Then early night. thankyou.

lots love ali xx

Hi Alison,

Welcome back to your quit, it`s good to see you have not given up quitting good luck.


Thanks wayne ,everyones support has been great, just mind games today, have to keep knocking any thoughts i have about smoking out of my head.

after all thats all it is a thought. just got to stop myself thinking ha ha and crawl through each day!!!.

thanks love ali xx

Hi alison, congratulations on getting through day1, i knew you would do it and cold turkey - what a star!:D

You have the strength to get through each day, take it one step at a time and when those thoughts pop in your head be strong and tell them to p---* o**!

give yourself a great big pat on the back (not too hard though you dont wont to knock yourself over)!


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