1 month & craves back big time!

Hi all,

I,ve just had a couple of days away up in Glastonbury & Street. Just wandering around & visiting touristy places, I got the craves back big time :(

I still find it hard not having a smoke when I'm relaxing or not working.

The worst bit was when my wife went round Clarks shopping village!! (spending my saved up ciggy money!)...No it wasn't that :p but, just being sat around with not much to do. After nearly a month & a lot of easy days under my belt I thought I was over the worst.. now I'm dreading the easter break. I hope it keeps fine so I can find things to keep busy outside..if I'm sat doing nothing I,m gonna find it hard going!

Anyway thats got that off my chest!

Hope all the other quitters are having an easier time..& all have a great Easter:D.

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  • Hang in there Ytene.... those craves are a pain and they come and go, surprising us, challenging us but each time you win they fade more and more into the past....... and those 'easy' days will way surpass the crave moments..... enjoy the freedom you now possess! Don't waste time reminiscing about those poison sticks...... and don't be scared of the craves and don't dread easter break!! Stay focused, remind yourself of all you have gained, etc...... smile :) You are doing so well!!! :D:D

  • Hi, I agree with all Bella says but also would like to say that you probably suffered a smoking trigger. You faced it and came out the other end and I have found that once one has been faced its easier to deal with it next time. Instead of feeling worried, be proud of yourself you faced the demon and won. It will be easier next time xx

  • Can only get better

    Ytene I have reached the first month today and was looking forward to those sort of things getting better:D

    We will stick at it though cos more positives alot more..:p

  • Hi Alan :D

    First well done you 1 month completed that's great

    If this was your first time away since you quit it's a trigger crave because you would normally have smoked the Nico :eek: Demons pounced but as with the other craves you had they will become less severe and happen less often as you go along, you just have to push them back as you did the others

    You know how sneaky those demons are always looking for a way to get you back in their power again

    Try not to dread the Easter Break as this will give them another in but if you can keep either busy or just enjoy yourself it won't hit as badly Ok

    Just stay strong you can beat them and win this war Remember it can only get better


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Ytene,

    I cant really add anything to what has already been said, but I do offer my congratulations for reaching the 1 month mark, well done:D


  • Congratulations Ytene,

    One month. :D :D :D You are doing sooo well, Love J.x

  • Hi ytene,

    well done on getting to one month, first you should be well proud at getting to this many days, so well done again!

    I can totally understand about your craves coming out of the blue when you didnt expect them, i find it much harder when im bored and sat around with nothing to do, but with that in mind now instead of dreading the easter break, you could look forward to it with ideas to keep yourself busy, but doing exciting things, not anything you find boring!

    as you get through each crave that hits in a trigger situation it will give you the strength to keep going, eat lots of easter eggs or anything else over easter, go walking, do diy, whatever keeps you smiling and laughing anything you can do instead of smoking is well worth it!!

    keep smiling we all in this together:)


  • Hi Ytene,

    SO good you got through some triggers but didn't cave - take strength from that. I too am hoping, expecting, things to get a bit easier - and i guess they will eventually. Some days are better than others, but the unexpected craves, with no obvious triggers, are the worst at the moment. So getting thru those is tough, but we're getting there.

    Have a good Easter, and stay strong.


  • Congratulation on 1 month! Things do get better, not perfect yet for me, but so much better than I thought they would be that I'm really happy! Keep going!

  • Thanks all, Great support as usual!:D

    I think I'll find plenty of things to keep busy...brakes on my truck need doing, wifes car needs new wiper blades, kitchen & bathroom need tiles, green house to put up & granddaughter over on sunday:)

  • Hi Ytene

    You have done really well .... Be proud of yourself and look at what you have acheived.....

    You can get through anything that is thrown at you, why ... because you have already ... and you know that.

    Positive Mental Thoughts

    Keep it up Ytene, your doing good !!!

  • Hi Ytene

    You have done really well .... Be proud of yourself and look at what you have acheived.....

    You can get through anything that is thrown at you, why ... because you have already ... and you know that.

    Positive Mental Thoughts

    Keep it up Ytene, your doing good !!!

    Hahahaha i'm familiar with that every month Greg lol

  • Hi ytene, have a good weekend, those chores should keep you busy, then you can enjoy time with your grandaughter on sunday, and who knows if you have been good easter bunny might just bring you an easter egg!

    Have fun and keep smiling,


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