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Well, Im back. March 15 will be day one.

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This place did it for me before, and after a couple of years, I started back up, first on walks to work, and then at work, and then secretly as much as possible. I have to lose a bunch of weight and i hate myself for getting rehooked... yes, it was just one puff to find myself smoking all out very quickly, Tomorrow i take the plunge yet again. I am throwing all my embarassment about restarting out the window as I loved what this site did for me years ago. Its nice having a place to rant, to complain, and to have people around that have my back. Maybe i'll see some old friends, hopefully I stick around long enough yet again. Tomorrow is a day off the big day, which is kind of why i'm making it my day. Hopefully there are lots of peeps a day ahead of me that I can chase haha.

Heres to a second... make that final go at it.

Cheers everyone,

Viking is back.

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My last post was at the two year mark... I threw out the reminder papers out of my wallet and stopped hitting up the forum. I think i'm going to handcuff myself to the forum this round. After breathing easy for a couple of years I was not getting bronchitis after colds. This year, as I have been smoking, its back on the antibiotics and i had a nuisance cold for over a month prior to the bronchial infection. I think my immune system was stretched to the limit, with allergies due to changing weather, two large additions to my tattoo collection within a month that I had to heal, and smoking/drinking on weekends late into the night. Doesn't help that most of my friends have kids now that seemingly are always sick when i'm there. Its go time for realz... I hope to still be posting here in 845 years, and not puffing at all. Yes, it seems like a lot, but I have faith in finding the fountain of youth at some point in my travels. I'll see you all during day 1 when I wake up.

Note... I know its lame, but I was up all night at work during a rainstorm... therefore haven't slept, and moving the date to the 16th.

may Odin be with you. be sure that if you try and quit. the universe will support you . anything pro-life is loved by the universe.


Wishing you luck for your quit, and thanks for that post, it has really helped me today!! I've been getting on fine with my quit for 2+ months and cravings are gone, but recently I've started wondering if there would be any harm in having one to prove that I'm not addicted anymore.... Stupid I know, but somehow my brain has been making it sound like an increasingly good idea!! Luckily you've just answered the question in your post (one leads to another leads to another!!) so I'll be giving the "just one" a miss!! Again best of luck, you've done it once, you'll do it again!!

:DWelcome back Viking and all the best in your quit.


Quit Dat: 10.2.12

I'm so glad I read your post. I was originally meant to quit on Monday 12th March but couldn't quite do it. I'm on Champix and didn't feel it was helping at all and felt torn about quitting, to the point that I even felt sad. I ran out of Champix and used that as an excuse to continue smoking, how stupid.

Got a new supply of Champix on wednesday and decided my quit day would be Friday 16th. Today I've felt much more positive about quitting. Like you, I have previously quit, so I know I'm able to do it. Good luck, I'm following you on this and holding you to it, it'll certainly help me :)

Right on, i'll definitely stick to my guns on the 16th then. We can do this!

Best wishesv

Good luck everyone, best of luck on all your quits, stick at it . Month one will be up before you know it.

Easier than open heart surgery < harsh I know but keeps me going!

Best of luck for tomorrow guys...you can do it, you know that cos you've been there before. Like yourself I tried to quit two years ago and lasted a month last time. I'm on month 5 at the mo and it really does get better with time. I'll be rooting for you all tomorrow so don't let me down.

May Thors hammer give you strength to follow your non-smoking path.

Lisa xxx

Hey viking - you know you can do this, you've done it before. Chin up, chuck the fags in the bin, and wave bye bye to the choking smoker's cough :)

Thankyou for the reminder that I can never, ever, ever light up that first fag. It's a lesson that always bears repeating. NOPE, Not One Puff Ever, means exactly that. We're all one cig away from being addicts again!

Happy quitting,


Today is the big day. Stayed up late last night and smoked my last one around midnight. Woke up a couple hours ago with no anxiety yet, but I don't smoke at home so this is expected. I've been throwing the idea of letting my wife know I was smoking again and have requit, but I don't think she'll be too happy about that, so I'm quitting alone. Work was a good hide for smoking, as I shower at the end of work, don't bring work clothes home and some gum before I'm done for the day all but eliminates the smell. Only other times I've smoked is when wife is out and I can shower, or when out with the boys. Torturous its been, so hopefully that will help me stay on track. I will check in later with another update, so far so good!

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