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Im back too

After a few false restarts and Im back on my quit and fighting for it again.

I managed a couple of 3/4 days quit and then went to the shop and bought some more. I was sitting watching tv last night and noticed how hard my breathing had become again, I thought about the hacking cough that had restarted, I thought about suffocating to death as my copd progressed and then I thought *what the bloody hell am I doing*

I soaked what was left in the packet and chucked them away and started right back on my lozenges when I got up this morning. I havent bothered with the patches, I seem to crave more when I have one of those on my arm.

I hope that all of the lovely people who supported me last time are still here and will continue to support me as I go back to work on Monday. This isnt going to be easy, I have been off for 6 months and have a grievance against my line manager to be heard when I go back, so its going to be a pretty tough time.

So anyway, day 1 of my final quit is under way, and this time will be the last time.

Lillie xxx

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Good luck.Interestingly I craved more while on patches and ditched them after two weeks and stuck to lozengers...sooo much beta x u can do it x


great to see you back Lillie :D dont think about what happened before just concentrate on this quit and face each day as it comes and post on here

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


Thanks Peeps

To be honest maybe the quitslip was what I needed to show me how quickly you come to depend on the nicotine again. Luckily ( or unluckily) I also suffered the side affects very quickly too. I realised that my poor old lungs had suffered enough and that I didnt want to undo all the good that not smoking had done for my lungs.

Anyway, you know me I'll be post, post, posting all the time.

Good luck everyone

Lillie x


its great to have you back onboard Lillie :D and def start posting please there are alot of newbies out there and as your have been down that road you recently your the ideal person (i hope that didnt come across as being negative it wasnt meant to be) to spur them on

onwards and upwards is the way to go



Lillie, so proud of you for starting again, even with a stressful time ahead.

I know you know this, but it bears repeating: smoking doesn't make stress less stressful. It's just the strong association your brain has made. When you get stressed it starts going 'hello, you're supposed to smoke now? Hello? HELLO? HELLO? SMOKE NOW, THIS IS WHAT WE DO!' Lighting up reinforces the association, so you feel a temporary relief.

The good news is, the association can be broken. After a few stressful situations succesfully negotiated without a fag, the brain forgets that was what you did, and stops bugging you.

Anyway, back to the main point which is: YAY YOU. You can do this! We're all rooting for you :)

Hel xx


Welcome back

Good luck with your know you can do it :)


You inspired me before Lillie and I'm sure you will again.

Good luck for're a strong, resourceful'll handle it.

Love, LizzieX


Good for you "Posh bird". Great that you've got straight back on the horse, so to speak and I hope that things go your way at work. David


Welcome back from me too, Lillie. It takes courage to quit - and even more courage to keep quitting. If things get tough next week, you now have one huge 'positive' in your favour. You are a non-smoker.

Well done - and good to have you back,




I cant thank you all enough for the way you have welcomed me back. It all seemed so easy last time, maybe thats why it was so easy to fall off the wagon when the going got tough.

I have my youngest son living with me now and he is an ardent non smoker, he has told me that if he see's me with one he will take it up himself to upset me as much as my smoking would upset him lol.

Im sure with my little guard and not wanting *them* at work to get one over me I will do it.

Many Thanks again.

Lillie x


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