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Im Back

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Good afternoon,

I have not logged onto this site for a while now... i quit on the 14th March.. im doing good i dont really count the days anymore just as i found that made me feel worse abit like when you count down the hours till work finishes.. im really proud of myself for how far ive got, its been a long constant stuggle which was not that long ago but at the same time a life time ago... ive gone through a lot of things in the past year and i honestly think quitting smoking was one of the hardest struggles..

i still feel like i have lost a part of me abit like a close friend but at the same time im liking this new part of me and im refuse to look back to the past..

ive changed a lot of things from my past that were holding me back and ive laid them to rest along with the dreaded cigarettes..

i still have my days where i have really strong cravings but over the last few months i have learnt how to deal with them.. thats the differents i have come to realise.. when i first joined this site i was going crazy and pulling my hair out with the cravings and i would read the forums from months ahead of me and see that people were still having cravings 3-4 months down the line and i wanted to give in..... but its not the having the cravings its the way you deal with them.. i think im always going to feel like a smoker and i could easily smoke a pack of fags now like i never stopped but i CHOOSE not to and i will continue to choose not too as im in control not the demons...

i went on my first holiday since i stopped and for the first time i managed to sit on a plane without constantily counting till i could run off and smoke.. it felt great..

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on here for staying quit and for those making the steps to quit.........

and remember if at first you dont succeed then try try again...

Big hugs

Julie xxx

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Jewls

Good to see you, and what a great post. You've put a lot of things into words that many here will instantly recognise.

But the best thing you say is that you are in control. Excellent stuff.

Keep strong


Well done Julie, sounds like you have been very busy. That feeling like we have lost something is the addiction and we need to remind ourselves about that, we have not lost anything but have gained a lot, but I do understand what you are saying.

Good luck, keep up the good work.


Well done Julie hun

Very good post good read. You sound like you have made a few good changes good for you.xxxxx

Hi Julie :D

Great well done you I was beginning to think you'd disappeared for good

By the way that's a wonderful post and a great read not just for our newer quitters but the longer ones as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


I have had an easier quit but the husband has had a similar quit to you with the missing of the smoking and there are times I think its like he is grieving.

Well done and keep it up (100 is a nice target as well!!!)



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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

It really sounds as though you have it sussed, well done :D

Brill post

Hi Julie

Congratulations on your quit, I can defro relate to that post, well put...

You have done fantastic, keep up the good work.... Kaz :D

Hi Juli, what a brilliant post, you put into words exactly how you have felt and i can definately relate to your quit. The most important thing is you recognise how your feeling and deal with it in a great way, keep going you doing fantastic!

take care, x


Hi hun!!

Glad to see youre doing well!! Another MMQ still going strong:D

It is a bit of grieving process when u give up something or someone. These things arent always good for us but it feels that way. A bit like being in a bad relationship, you know you shouldnt be with them but u cant help it,when youve been with them a long time becomes a habit,stuck in a rut. I'm glad I broke up with the cigs!! They were holding me back, they were stopping me enjoying other relationships fully. Like with my kids, I couldnt run about with them without coughing or I'd say I'll play with you in a sec when i've had a cig. Now I'm not in that situation anymore , cigs arent taking me away from my gorgeous kids i'm the one saying we off for a game of footie son?!! Cigs fool u into thinking u had a good time with them so when u contemplating giving them up we think oh the times werent that bad we had some good times, didnt we? No not really. Thinking back cigs didnt enhance my life just dulled it down, the world seems a lot more colourful from where i'm standing now. Think thats down to my new found energy!!

I know what youre saying about changing other things aswell, my life is going through a major upheaval at the moment!!:eek:

Keep strong hun u doing really well and keep posting its great knowing that the people who kept me going in the early days are still persevering!:D


i still have my days where i have really strong cravings but over the last few months i have learnt how to deal with them..

and those will pass as well! In no time you will have days that you don't even think of them and if you do that is all they will be..... brief thoughts. You sound great! Good for you :)

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