No Smoking Day
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Still Not Smoking Day 4 ! Yippee

Good Afternoon folks,

Hope you are all doing ok today and staying focussed. I had such a bad day yesterday I almost caved in, (I was that close !) I did'nt though, Im so proud of myself really.

Bloating has gone down a bit thank the lord and I am actually feeling not to bad today, I felt like a big rolly polly for 2 days, not sure what causes that, they do say it is a side effect of Champix but it could also be the fact I am sucking on sugerfree mints all the time.

Wait for this, I just realised at 1pm today that I forgot to take my champix morning pill this morning (OMG). Only day 11 on Champix and forgot already, is that a good sign ? (I took it when I realised) The morning cigerettes were my major ones of the day, ie having 3 before I even left the house and believe it or not the morning ones are not the ones I miss the most just now, it is the ones after meals and that is when I really notice it.

For me to even get to day 4 is a mirracle and I have now proven to myself that I actually can do this. Called the doctors to get a repeat prescription of Champix, they only gave me one starter box so now he will give me a months supply. I just hope I can keep going.

I read a comment on here that if you feel like one go outside take a deep breath and breath in some fresh air and have a glass of water, it so worked !

I just keep telling myself that I am refusing to pay £6.00 + for a packet of cigerettes, I will feel more energetic eventually and I also dont have a ciggie in one hand and a lighter and ashtray in the other, they really did rule my life.

So on that positive note I wish you all well and hope that we will look back on this and realise how mad we were to smoke in the first place.

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Well done Loobyloo!

You sound so upbeat and happy, it's lovely to hear - and well deserved!

Keep on going!!!


Thanks I am feeling better today

:)Thank you, even my hubby (who works away) said I sounded happy while on the phone. Weird eh, he was expecting me to be like godzilla or worse lol

Thanks for your support, greatly appreciated.


It was really nice to read this post. I've been struggling a bit today and it is so good to read about people getting through stuff and feeling better for it. Particularly as I'm on Champix too and on day 6 so I can relate. Luckily I'm only getting brief bouts of nausea after each pill so far.

I'm very glad it's all working for you! Have you bought anything yet with your saved money? I gave myself a cheeky treat of a couple of tops today as well as sorting Mothers Day present. I'm sure I didn't save THAT much in 6 days but hey, I worked hard for it, lol!


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