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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 No smoking Day 15 on Champix

Well thats it, the first and worst days are passed, I really thought I was going to go mad yesterday I was having cravings more and more as the day went by but remembered from a previous CT quit that it all hit me on Day 3 then too so just drowned myself with water and kept really busy. I was rather impressed that I only snapped once at my partner and the receptionist at the doctors (apologised straight away to both, feel like I cant help it!) but have decided to do some form of weight training to get rid of the excess adrenaline so Im not causing arguments so I can release it.

Today has been fine, no cravings at all so far, shoulders a bit tight so going to do some exercise to relax in a bit, things planned with the kids this afternoon.

Definately eating more which is a plus as Im a skinny minny and it seems to be having a plus effect on my mood (blood sugar levels I presume).

All in all really good, the champix has been a god send and has really worked for me. The only side effects I have experienced (excess gas, either knackered and sleeping like a log or slight insomnia, mood up and down) are side-effects from quitting smoking not the Champix. The nicotine is now out of my system completely so just have to work on my subconscious now. I know I will still be hit with craves and that I need to stay on my guard but tha hard bit imo is done and im sooooooo pleased :D

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Well done on day 4. Keep at it you will soon have you first week done.


Well done

You sound really positive and pleased with your self, which of course you should be. Keep it going! The champix I found really good too.:)


Thank you for your replies, day 5 has been a breeze, chilled out this morning and been out and about all afternoon.

Im still more snippy and tense and having wee low 5 minutes now and again but what Im finding strange is that I dont automatically think of cigarettes in these situations, they dont seem to automatically trigger a craving as usually happened on previous quits, it must be the Champix. Although Im running out of fizzy cola bottles :eek: lol.


Day 5 and doing brilliantly. Great stuff Angie.

Fizzy cola bottles....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:) Excellent choice.

Here's to day 6 :D


Day 6

Thank you Dippy :D

I am a cleaning MACHINE!! ;) lol. Kept really busy today, ate cookies and generally stuffed my face while running around the house with a feather duster and only occasionally sniping at my 2 daughters or partner who have been trying to stay out my way all week, all in all been a great day! Has anyone else found that they are much more opinionated?? I know its a bit strange but I can't seem to keep my gob shut rather than smile sweetly like usual and nod my head. Im sure I will chill out a bit soon lol.


Ha haaaaaa yes Angie. I know what you mean. I suddenly felt all powerful......so in control because of the wonderful thing I was/am succeeding in doing. I think along with that success comes so many positive personal things.....amongst which is suddenly feeling that our opinions matter. That we are credible...strong people. Enjoy it. Proud of you.


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