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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - Still no smokes!

Hi everyone, well i have really suprised myself and made it to day 3! I am still using nicotine patches and would say that today as been the hardest day so far! Havent really been having any sleep issues infact I had the best nights sleep last night that i have had in months!

Everyone is doing so well on here and reading all the comments gives me even more enthusiasm to keep this going! Well done everyone! :D xx

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Well done, nice to see you've got a great positive attitude.

To infinity and beyond :D


great news! There will be hard days, but you just have to keep that positive attitude and you'll be fiiiiiiiiiiine.



Good for you. Keep it up, you are nearly through your first week so well done :D

Gaynor x



Thanks everyone :D Will speak to you on day 4!!


well done for first of finding this site and second for stopping smoking :D:D the rest isnt going to be easy but you will find that everyone on here will know where your coming from regarding stopping the evil nicorette demon so come on here to read the threads and to rant there wilbe someone here to help you and encourage you on every step of the road obviously depending on how much you need it or want it :)


Thanks Carol, yeh it has been good to come on here and read everyone's comments, everyone is different and it gives me great encouragment as i know im not the only one going through this!


Just get through HELL WEEK 1 and you should start feeling even better....i did and still do on day 11...well done so far, keep strong.:D


Well done

i'm on the same day as you, keep it up its day 4 tomorrow and will soon be a week. A positive attitude and you will get through it.


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