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Day 4's a miracle!!!

Hi guys,

I am on day 4 and I can't quite belive it.

Yesterday the strangest thing happened. I was out and about and without even thinking too much, went inside a shop and both a packet. HOWEVER, the difference with all the other times this happened while trying to quit is that I DIDN'T smoke!!!!

For the first time in my life I have stopped and think about starting smoking, and I didn't do it. I am very rational, I have always been like that, but cigarettes have always controlled my reasoning, but no more!!

I cam back home and I gave the packet to my OH ( he is a non-smoker)and I say to him to keep them!

At 8pm today my 4th day will be officially over.



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Don't do it!!!!!

Give them to a smoker instead, that way when you feel low, you know they're not in reach!!

I had 3 left in my packet on my quit day, but knew in a moment of weakness i would be too tempted - so gave them to a smoking friend and made her smoke them straight away!!

Well done on getting to day 4 btw!:D

Beccy :)


Well done Zai, well done for not smoking those fags:eek: When my OH quit, she would always carry some ciggies with her!! I could not do that, I would end up smoking them, tell your OH to flush them down the loo, second thought, their expensive, Sell em!!

Good luck with your Quit.



Well done Zai you re doing brilliantly but Im with the others tell your OH to get rid of those cigs otherwise they could be a little nag nag in the future !

louise xxx


Hi Zai :D

Well done on day4 smoke free that's great

Also well done when you bought a pack without thinking about it leaving them unopened but I agree with the rest give tham away or get rid whatever way you like


Marg xx


Hi Zai

Well done you, we are about at the same stage! I am almost going into day five, or shall be in the next hour!

Keep it up - we can beat this thing.



I, too, am on day 4 and feeling great about it.

I set myself up for failure on day 1 by having some cigs in the house-I lit one and took a couple of puffs. How stupid! So-I threw the rest out, cleaned and put away ashtrays and lighters. I'm done with it.

I would suggest you get rid of that packet. Too much temptation.


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