Day 4's a miracle!!!

Hi guys,

I am on day 4 and I can't quite belive it.

Yesterday the strangest thing happened. I was out and about and without even thinking too much, went inside a shop and both a packet. HOWEVER, the difference with all the other times this happened while trying to quit is that I DIDN'T smoke!!!!

For the first time in my life I have stopped and think about starting smoking, and I didn't do it. I am very rational, I have always been like that, but cigarettes have always controlled my reasoning, but no more!!

I cam back home and I gave the packet to my OH ( he is a non-smoker)and I say to him to keep them!

At 8pm today my 4th day will be officially over.



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  • Don't do it!!!!!

    Give them to a smoker instead, that way when you feel low, you know they're not in reach!!

    I had 3 left in my packet on my quit day, but knew in a moment of weakness i would be too tempted - so gave them to a smoking friend and made her smoke them straight away!!

    Well done on getting to day 4 btw!:D

    Beccy :)

  • Well done Zai, well done for not smoking those fags:eek: When my OH quit, she would always carry some ciggies with her!! I could not do that, I would end up smoking them, tell your OH to flush them down the loo, second thought, their expensive, Sell em!!

    Good luck with your Quit.


  • Well done Zai you re doing brilliantly but Im with the others tell your OH to get rid of those cigs otherwise they could be a little nag nag in the future !

    louise xxx

  • Hi Zai :D

    Well done on day4 smoke free that's great

    Also well done when you bought a pack without thinking about it leaving them unopened but I agree with the rest give tham away or get rid whatever way you like


    Marg xx

  • Hi Zai

    Well done you, we are about at the same stage! I am almost going into day five, or shall be in the next hour!

    Keep it up - we can beat this thing.


  • I, too, am on day 4 and feeling great about it.

    I set myself up for failure on day 1 by having some cigs in the house-I lit one and took a couple of puffs. How stupid! So-I threw the rest out, cleaned and put away ashtrays and lighters. I'm done with it.

    I would suggest you get rid of that packet. Too much temptation.

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