11 days on champix and 4 days smoke free.

Hi everyone.

You have all been amazing and helped me so much when I made the decision to start champix. Your experiences have helped me so much and I am so pleased after 40 years of smoking 20 a day I have no desire to touch another cigerette.

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  • Hello! Brilliant news! I too have smoked for decades so I know where you are coming from.

    Keep plodding along. Four days smoke free is some achievement. You sound as if you are in a good frame of mind which really is half the battle.

    If things get tricky, post as often as you need to. You are not alone. ☺

  • Thank you so much. It's so appreciated to know I am not alone.

  • Hi how do you get an app I am 26 days no smoking

  • Hi 250267 I use the Smoke Free app. It's free although you can pay to upgrade if you want to.

    You'll find it on Google Play for Android but I am sure there is an Ios version too.

  • Hello Christopher,

    It sounds like you're in the right frame of mind. Getting through the first four days is a big achievement and it isn't easy...so well done.

    Is this the first time you have tried or have you (like me and a lot of others here) tried before?

    You were on a pack a day, same as me, so I would urge you to keep a record of how much you're saving. It's a big incentive, especially in the early stages. I'm coming up to eleven months and I've saved £1,936 and not smoked 5987 cigarettes according to my phone app. I still find it amazing that I would have smoked that many cigs in this space of time. Get an app (if you don't already have one) or use one of the internet quit trackers to monitor your fattening wallet and increasing health benefits. It really helps.

    Anyway, just saying hello, and droning on as usual. Best wishes and I look forward to hear how you're getting on.

  • Hello nozmo.

    Thank you for your reply. This is my first time quitting. I had absolutely no idea that I could do 4 days as easy as this. I have not had any real side effects of champix but I am on my guard. All of my family are non smokers and my husband doesn't seem to get it that this is a major achievement for me, I guess when you have never smoked it's hard to understand the addiction. So this site as been invaluable to me and so encouraging, so thank you. How long were you smoking for before you quit.

  • Then you're doing extremely well! It's encouraging that you're finding it quite easy but you're still wise enough to stay on your guard. It's hard to explain to non smokers. My wife once asked me what the craving felt like and I couldn't adequately put it into words. The closest I got was that it felt similar to hunger.

    I'm a strange one in that I didn't start smoking until I was 28. Even then I would go for days without having a cigarette and only smoked when I went out to the pub. For some reason,that I'm unsure of, probably because I really enjoyed it, I started smoking more regularly and within a few years I was on a pack a day. I'm waffling again so to answer your question; about fifteen years as a "proper" smoker. It's a strange, insidious habit.

    I'm glad you have find the site helpful, hope we can help you along the way.

  • Well done on day 4! Like Nozmo says I would also describe a craving a hunger, or even more because to be honest if I had 10 eur left I would go without food to buy the cigarettes... It is a serious addition. You can't expect a non smoker to understand it or appreciate you success now because they just won't.

    The same way I cannot understand why do people constantly go out and get mad drunk and next day they're sick as a dog, why dear God?! Why would you do that to yourselves?! You're all having the giggles now...I don't drink, I can't understand that behaviour. So when someone comes up to me saying I haven't been out for a drink in a month...I jus go...ah well, good man...I haven't been out in 20 years...you're doing good lol

    Joking aside, I quit with champix too, I've been a very heavy smoker for many years, I started smoking at 12 and I'm 41 now. For the last 4/5 years I've been constantly trying to stop and constantly relapsing, this time I'm over 14 months off the cigarettes using the champix.

    Good luck on your quit, celebrate each day off the cigarettes. It is very hard to stop smoking, probably one of the hardest jobs I've ever done.

    You are doing it, it doesn't matter what the other see or think...your lungs are cleaning up, you're smelling better, the cough will go, you'll breathe better... You'll feel better.

  • Well done.keep telling yourself how well you are doing . Keep using this site you will get all the positive strokes you need.

  • Hi I'm on my 27 day how do you get an app

  • Hello 250267, you can get them from the Apple app store or Google Play...or there are few web based ones knocking about. You just input your data and it calculates your health improvements, money saved and milestones...really useful for me.

  • Hey 250267 - hope you are getting on well, perhaps you could post just to introduce yourself and your story. There is numerous apps available if you just google - 'quitometer'

  • Hi I'm still not felling that great can't sleep stomach fells churned up all the time very depressed but not going to give in I'm still recovering from phumonia. So not sure if it's the not smoking or just me recovering

  • Hey 250267, how long have you been quit, what you are describing is perfectly normal for the first 3 months you are quit and as each day passes you will get stronger especially as you recover from your illness too, wishing you strength, as suggested above, perhaps do up a new introductory post - support is key and that you know we are all in the same boat, I am 15 months quit cold turkey and this community has been invaluable :)

  • Thank you it's good to have some support

  • Welcome Christopher123 and congratulations on the best decision you will make in quitting. Day 6 today for you today and you are nearly at your first huge milestone of 1 week, well done!

    The mental battle has begun now as your brain and body begins its gradual recovery process so you need to be ready to attack at all timees.

    I am over 14 months quit cold turkey - you seem to be very committed and positive which is vital in our quits. Keep that mindset, read up as much as you can on what happens when we quit, there is also some good pinned posts across this page which may be helpful to you. It is also great that you are not surrounded by smokers which is a huge bonus in the early stages of our quit.

    Keep up the great work and we look forward to reading your progress :)

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