20 days of no smoking...still hard

Didn't smoke, still think about it but convince myself that I've gone this far and never want to go through the difficult times of the first week.

Yesterday was hard being with company. Mostly think about it driving alone or during high stress periods.

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  • Hi Free3

    Things will improve over time. Take you mind back to the first day or two things must be easyer than then. When you think about how long we smoked for its going to take a bit of time to recover. your doing great almost done the first month. well done.xxxx

  • hi free3 and wellcome,,

    you"ve made it,,a whole 20 days with out a cigarette,,in that time,you"ve successfelly navigate the physical,chaos of with drawal,,the emotional highs and lows of early quit ,and the pitfalls of relapse,,you"ur adjusting to a whole new lifestyle and while you"ur been doing this your self,,you have been helping every one on the fourm,,so congrats to you on your quit and you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D

    be strong,and you will get there:cool:

  • Well done, as time goes on the bad days get fewer, but the good ones more plentiful :)

    You are right that you don't want to have to go through the 1st week again, and try not to see quitting as a sacrifice, but rather as a situation gaining health wealth and control.



  • Thanks to all of you.

  • you are wellcome free3

  • Hi Free3

    You are doing really well almost 3 weeks quit things can only get better onwards and upwards keep :D :D



  • Well done for getting this far-to be honest, the first week for me was 'not bad' then i seemed to go downhill for the next 3 weeks and had to fight against it-BUT now...feel great, no big craves, just the odd thoughts but overall not bad at all-so stick at it, it will get easier xx:D

  • Can't believe 21 days ---three weeks. Seems alot longer!

  • Hi Free3:D :D

    Three whole weeks quit that's great well done you A pat on the back is definitely in order

    All the best


  • Well done mate.xxxx

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