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Day 3 and still not smoking

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I am on day 3 and really not much of desire for a smoke, I just keep remembering how terrible it really was when I smoked.

Even went to a friends house on Friday night, had several pints and still didn't want to smoke.

I think I am going to do it this time!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done Jhurrle Brilliant Start

Just take one day at a time. I'm on day 10 and the crunchies are bad today but just been to Tescos and walked past the dreaded cig counter. From all the conversations I've had with everyone on here, there will be days when you will feel a bit rough and days when you feel you're managing well/ really good. I think as long as we're prepared for those bad moments then that helps i:e: I've just bought myself a Clash CD and Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf (£5 each bargain) so in a while I shall blast some stuff on my stereo and enjoy.

You're doing really well - Day 4 tomorrow!!


hi ya Jhurlle,

Well done on day3, I think day 3 was my worst day so glad your feeling so positive.

Keep it up and the days will soon turn into weeks!

Befly x x:D :D

SUPERB! Day 3 and still going strong. Are you using any help (patches/gum)?


Hi Bulldog1970

Yes I am using Champix, and this is about my 10th time trying to quite, and it seems to be the easyiest, but I do not want to jinx myself

Awsome work M8 keep it up the first 3 days or the worst:)

I agree with Whiteboy.

Waking up in the morning smoke-free is one of the sweetest sensations in the world and it only gets better, you're doing great jhurrle, you sound determined and confident and you know it just depends on you to succeed, no-one and nothing can make you fail! :)

Hi Francessca

How are you doing - feeling better?

Hugs to you


Hey hun, I'm doing great today, possibly the best day so far :p How're you doing? I hope you're better too - we are strong, yay! :)

Everybody is going to make it

This site is so very positive for quitting smoking, I thinkwe are all going to make.

Thank you to all for your words of encouragement.


I like the fact (sorry - this is disgusting) that when I wake up I dont have an inch of slimey stuff coating my mouth. Havent got a clue what it was but it was there all the time I smoked so imagine it was dead skin cells accumlating in the night.

Sorry about the disgusting description.

I cant think of one good thing now about smoking.

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