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Day 17

Good morning everyone,

Well this is the start of day 17 in my week 3 and so far so good. I still dont have any cravings, infact it hardly ever comes into my head now so thats good.

This is day 2 of the antibiotics and they seem to be shifting something but its only early days with regards to that so i am not expecting a miracle cure just yet. I have not had the munchies, i have not felt like i need sweets, chocolate or extra food to satisfy my need as this time it feels totally different, i also understand that while our bodies heal themselves they need extra sugar because our sugar levels drop but the best way to curb that is to drink fruit juice or chew glucose tabs and in moderation and within a few weeks our bodies start to adapt to the changes made and hopefully the need for sweet stuff should start to ease off but everyone is different and so there is no written ideal on the situation.

Food is starting to taste slightly better and i can at last drink coffee again but in all honesty some of the things i liked before i cant stand now. I also suppose im lucky in that i am not a chocy or sweetie person so thats helping too, as for meal times i have only ever eaten when i am really hungry and i now have 2 slices of wholemeal toast for breakfast and then later i will have my tea but thats about it really, i dont go picking in between. Always been like it though even before i started the cigs in 1990 so thats just my way i supose. :)

I have walked mostly before i stopped smoking as i dont see the sense in starting the car for a short car journey but now its def a lot easier when i walk to and from the town. My OH however drives for a living and drives everywhere, you wont see him walking much as its just not him, but to me thats very lazy and if he walked more he would get a little bit fitter, but hey ho we will see.

His weight gain is not all down to stopping smoking as that was 5 years ago, and so he cant use that as an excuse its now down to sitting on his bum in his lorry, constantly munching and not getting in and out enough, he has a largish belly now and i think he needs to walk more and not use his car so much. He also snores worse now than he did before and that really bugs me at night cos he can be quite loud. Anyhow that is my moan about him, and he knows that i love him, its just he is a slight bit lazy when it comes to using his legs and not a mechanical vehicle. :eek:

Anyhow, the scarf knitting has calmed down a bit in this house now, i am still knitting no 13 and i started that on day 13, i dont feel the need to constantly keep my fingers busy all the time now. I have it next to me and i will carry on later and finish that one and then start another straight after, im not going to be too complacent otherwise you never know if that old friend of mine will try and get back in but im enjoying not being a slave to Mr N and also i am enjoying my new found freedom again. I can go out and not have to stop for a cig or remember to take them with me. Freedom is so much better and i am def glad i said no more to those nasty nico demons.

Anyhow, im off for a blood test later and then Friday morning i have the Xray and then we have to get back for the dentist at 4pm. Its all go here you know. Im going to book in for the hygenist as well for next week as i want to clean my mouth completely.

Good luck all and keep up the good work :)

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Day 17 already Jo. That's fantastic!! :).

You sound very positive and focussed.

You can do this Jo. Each day is a major victory!!

Ed xx


Well done Jo! day 17! you are sounding very focused and very positive, great to hear hun x


Hi Jo

You are sounding very upbeat today.

Well done on day 17.


great news

Well done Jo youre doing amazing - especially after some off the stresses youve had to deal with lately. alot of people would have been tricked by nicodemon to give in to cope with the stress.

As far as your hubby goes he might see you taking charge of your life and making all these positive changes and be inspired to make some changes of his own. I really do believe that most people do learn best by following someone elses example.

keep it up youre doing great!!!!!!!!

x x x


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