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Day 17 - feeing sorry for myself

Hello Folks. 17 days cold turkey. I am proud of myself and this has actually been the easiest quit ive had. Not a lot of quitting symptoms which has been lovely! I am in my third year of a nursing degree which is very stressful I must tell you! I have a lot of work to do and I keep finding myself in a state of panic because I have no crutch anymore. I know smoking is not going to write a better assignment or help me pass the course but its like my addiction is telling me smoking will make it all easier. So in short, im not sure if my course is stressing me out or the no smoking or both! ARG!

In some ways I want to smoke. I want my crutch and I want to not think about anything but finishing my last year at uni.

But I know ill never quit again this easily. Its only 8 months till the end of my course and I wont have all this stress, but ill be a non smoker and wont have to 'quit' ever again.

Using the ecig has come to mind but to be honest I feel worse using that.

Im really hoping this is a 'coming up to 3 weeks' thing and will stop!

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Hey Nikki, well done you on reaching 17 days and lucky you that this time the physical withdrawals are ok for you.

My advice to you is to get into the mindset of embracing your quit with 100% positivity and try to be around positive people that can give encouragement for the next 8 months. Your quit is going to be so amazing for you to be smoke free and have a nursing degree.

UNFORTUNATELY, after 21 days, the mental battle starts so you need to prepare for that and keep the goal in sight - finish your course a smoke free nurse. Good luck, rooting for you!


Nikki you are correct that you don't want to begin again. In addition to Rowens' advice, try to find another stress reliever. It does not need to be important, or anything useful, just something that relaxes you. Carrying and drinking water and reducing caffeine also helps some people. Good luck.


Nikki ..Whatever you do, don't start smoking again...Rowans nailed it and yes prepare yourself for the mental war..... Strongs !!


"third year of a nursing degree"

Keep up the good work :-)


Thank you for the kind words. Its funny the 'believe in yourself' statements. It seems to be a running theme in my life at the moment. I has a 13 hour shift at work today in which there was one hour in which I would have been able to smoke (my break) and the rest of the time I was tied up. I thought how horrible and grumpy would I be if I had been craving a cigarette all day!? When actually I barely thought of smoking and the shift came and went and was a lot less stressful.

It really is the much better choice in life, so im going to start believing I can really keep this up :) thanks again :) xxx


Hey Nikki I hope you're still going OK, I've thought you'd kicked this ages ago! You know what's involved, hope you stay quit while studying, great job by the way with the nursing degree ;)


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