17 days! hurrah! (and a ramble)

17 days into quit number lots, and i'm feeling good about this one, like really good, and that this feels different, like its THE quit, it feels easier than other attempts and i have a calm air of acceptance that i just no longer smoke anymore.... The brain and the body have had a little chat and agreed for the time being they're not up for a fag. progress! Yay!

The niodemon has slept for this weekend, and not awoken (badly) even after a few beers at a smoking friends bbq. woken up this morning with a sore throat though, had a tight chest for a couple of days, maybe i'm cleaning and repairing, and its the passive smoke that has affected me?

I felt a bit sorry for the addicts.... not in a patronising way but just that it feels good to not have to cadge fags when i ran out and making sure that you had enough for one in the morning when you wake up in order to take on the day.

I'm enjoying smelling things and having a faint whiff of something which is quite far away that i wouldn't have otherwise been able to smell.... downside is picking up my doggies 'presents' but thats a very small downside to all of the upsides i believe.

Its ace to be on here as well and the support and tracking that we all do, everyone give yoursellves a massive pat on the back, your all winners, no matter how far along or how many times you've embarked on the journey, your still winning. Its good to be in a community with so many winners.

Love Z xx

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  • really chuffed for you zozie. Congrats and yes, i too love this forum. such a help.

  • Josive, the magic,zozie you are all doing fantasticlly well!:D

  • Lovely positive post Zozie. Very well done. You've got this thing in the bag now. :)

  • WEll done Z i hope this quit is ''THE ONE''. keep going and dont ruin ya new pink lungs.


  • Thanks


    Thanks guys for your support and comments!!

    Hope everyone else is doing wonderfully well, and if your feeling crappy, it will pass. hang in there, keep on keeping on.

    Luv Z x

  • Well done, Zozie. You've got through a BBQ with smokers! that's a great achievement.:D

    What you described about making sure you did not run out of cigs was one of the things I hated most about this addiction. Hard to believe how eventually the whole of your life runs around this revolting habit. :(

  • It really is quite astounding when you look back to realise how little control i had over the addiction isn't it? Making sure you had them, dissappearing at events/mid party, cutting off conversations to go and chat to the more important monster that lives within. always there nagging away...

    Theres so many anxious moments of worrying about the next fix.

    And of course the challenge of no smoking day when i always used to make a point of smoking more stupid now i think back. X

  • It's not just you, Zozie. It's most people who smoke I think. I cannot believe I was so gullible for so long. xx

  • Hiphip hooray for being made of smarter stuff now though eh? Thanks for the fab comments. xx

  • Well done Zozie!! It's the posts of yourself and others like you who inspire me to stick to my quit. Thank you so much for that.



  • Well done Zozie!! It's the posts of yourself and others like you who inspire me to stick to my quit. Thank you so much for that.



    Keep going Shanita!!!

    Your a winner and will beat this....

    This forum is such an inspiration and is to me too... when your feeling like its all too much, read, read read, and post like crazy.. you'll do it! x

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