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Day 17 - Getting a few cravings!!!

I dont understand it to be honest by the law of averages and common sense I should not be craving like this...My missis lit up so I went for a walk, 20 mins all I could think about were cigs, I was actually shaking my head whilst walking at the stupidness of it all..I am now sat on the settee and I am still craving its driving me bloody mad to be honest, I dont feel tempted to smoke but this is the worst I have felt for a few days...

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See you made one cruicial mistake there. I too went out for a walk, BUT I bought a big tub of ice cream... absolutely no cravings at all whilst stuffing my self with this lovely cold treat :p


Yes, saved it for home... although I am from Finland so this is like summer... well maybe not quite... more like spring :cool:

But in fact I do find strong, hot, cold, spicy tastes helping with cravings. Shocking the mouth somehow helps... and eating of course.



Aww no, this makes me sad as I have felt quite good the past few days, but this journey really is an effing rollercoaster! Stay strong Boss and don't let the missus throw you off track! We are halfway through week 3!!

I think going for a walk is a good tactic – sometimes (even as much as we’d rather have a Kit Kat chunky!) exercise is the best thing!

As I said yesterday I think you are amazingly strong letting your girl smoke indoors. Hopefully the cold weather will ease up as we approach week 4 and you won’t feel so bad making her go outside again!! ;):D

Keep posting on here and ride it out. Tomorrow really is a new day



Hi Boss

When I joined this forum yesterday, I read quite a few of the threads of people who quit up to a week before me for inspiration. Your threads were some of them I read.

I think you have done amazing well, considering some of the obstacles in your way, just keep remembering the reasons why you wanted to quit and that the cravings will become less and less. You are closer to this than you were yesterday, so take baby steps. I want to keep reaching the days ahead that you have reached.

Well done, you can do it :)


Unfortunately, you are experiencing the pattern which nearly all quitters seem to share. After the initial intensity of the first couple of weeks, things start to settle down. However, every now and again you get hit by strong cravings, with no warning and not apparent reason why. So what you are experiencing is entirely normal - even though it is shocking. The good news is that the gaps between cravings get larger and larger, and the cravings get weaker as time goes on. Hang in there and this will soon pass.


Thanks for all your lovely replies it has really helped, It was a major wobble but I have got through it now and feel strong again, it just seems to be a last gasp attempt by my inner demons to start me smoking again....


hiya boss

Gday boss. I'm day 22 and still get cravings. Like now...I've had a good day in work so I'm sodding the pool and getting a bottle of wine and making enchiladas(no take away tho which is good!). But I'm thinking oh would be soooo good to smoke. But ill be cool but I know tonight it'll be on my mind. I should just go bloomin swimming! That would eradicate these thoughts! I'm pre-empting what's gona happen! And it will happen! But hey ho. Your one strong man being able to be around ur partner smoking. I mean I can be around smokers. But not in the comfort of my own house. Keep up the good work. Maybe you have to really exert yourself physically ie run instead of walking? I know hard exercise sorts me out and puts me in a good frame of mind. Your doing such a great job and I know your posts help out others too, so keep posting ;-) let us know how u get on



Keep going

Hello Boss, you will have days like this at the beginning but what happens is they become less and less and the cravings weaker and weaker. It really does get better or no one would be able to quit would they. Chin up keep going and you wont regret it I promise you. :)


we are on the same quit day :) i think you had a few rubbish days in the first week same as me , but then you seemed really sure and focused until ......last night when you mentioned your wife smoked indoors again , think you should buy her a warmer coat and shove her back outside :D


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